Mission Statement

We bring value to the Purdue ID Card through a one-card solution involving academics, finance, access and identification for students, faculty and staff.

Customer focused…

We strive to offer timely, effective and appropriate access for the Purdue community who use the Purdue ID Card for access in a courteous, welcoming manner.

Value through a one-card solution…

Our goal is to deliver innovative services through strategic partnerships that continuously improves value and enhances the overall experience of students.

The Opportunity

We have the opportunity to provide the Purdue community with access to a variety of services on and off campus with a one-card solution. We will be Innovative with our approach to service and continually strive to improve value to the Purdue ID Card. We will be open to change and create best practices to enhance the overall experience to our customers.

The Approach

The Purdue ID Card Office identifies current and future needs of our customers and works collaboratively to align services to meet those ever changing needs while maintaining fiscal solvency.

This customer centric focus will be realized through the following Core Values and Leadership Behaviors:

  • Customer Valued Quality Service – anticipate, meet and facilitate the needs of the University community by providing timely, professional, and knowledgeable service.
  • Financial Stewardship and Accountability - manage the University’s resources responsibly, effectively, and efficiently with personal accountability and ethical conduct.
  • Continuous Improvement - continually assess and proactively seek innovative ways to add value and improve operations and services.
  • Collaboration - promote an environment with customers and colleagues that includes listening, learning, and the flexibility and willingness to consider creative solutions, and that seeks an acceptable level of risk to achieve opportunities and common goals.
  • Professional Growth and Development - provide an environment where staff members are actively mentored and encouraged to grow professionally and personally, are recognized for their achievements, and are given opportunities with greater exposure and responsibility.
  • Respect and Diversity - foster an inclusive community where all points of view and experience are valued and all people are treated with respect and courtesy.

The Benefits as Seen by Our Clients

Accurate, timely access via the Purdue ID Card
Increased value to the Purdue ID Card for uses other than identity management
Simplified and streamlined services
Proper controls in place to manage and secure information