Photo Submission Instructions

Submitting a photo for your Purdue ID is easy. Follow the instructions below to submit your headshot photo and upload a valid government-issued photo identification (vetting document). Once submitted, an email notification will indicate whether the photo has been approved or a new submission will be required.

Ready to begin? Here’s a list of what you’ll need-

  • Purdue login information
  • Duo 2-Factor Authentication
  • Photo that meets the noted criteria
  • Downloaded image of your valid government-issued photo ID

Download the Transact eAccounts app from the App Store to your phone.

How to download and sign into eAccounts app
  • Follow steps for setting up by selecting Purdue as your institution.
  • Log into eAccounts (use your Purdue career account and 2-factor authentication)
Steps to get to submit photo in eAccounts app
  • Click on the gear in the upper right to go to settings.
  • Click on the Submit ID Photo.
  • Click on Get Started (appears greyed out but is still clickable).
Steps to upload photo and ID
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Select to upload your photo by clicking the upload box and selecting to either upload or take a photo
  • Once photo is done editing, select to upload valid government issued ID
  • Select to upload or take a photo
  • Passport
  • U.S. Drivers’s License
  • U.S. Non-Driver Photo ID
  • U.S. Learners Permit
  • U.S. Military ID
  • A recent, color photo of yourself, without filters. 
  • Photo must be straight-on and eyes looking directly at the camera (no profile or angled pictures). Feel free to smile!
  • This picture is for identification purposes. The picture must clearly identify your person. No sunglasses, camera flash reflections, red-eye, lens flares, filters, animals, props, additional persons and jewelry or garments that obstruct a clear view of the face.
  • No hats or other head articles that obstruct your face or hair except for religious or medical purposes. 
  • The photo must be from the top of shoulders to top of head with some blank space above the head and top edge of the photo (similar to a passport photo).
  • JPEG, PNG or GIF format only with a resolution between 500×500 and 4000×4000 pixels. This ensures your photo is of high quality and can be easily processed for the Purdue ID.

Approved Photo Examples:

Approved Photo
Approved Photo
Approved Photo
Approved Photo

Denied Photo Examples:

Denied Photo
Denied Photo
Denied Photo
Denied Photo

After you have uploaded your photo of yourself and your government-issued photo identification, it will take approximately 2 to 3 business days for the ID Card Operations / Support to process your submission.
Once your submission has been reviewed, you will receive an email notifying you that the review process is complete and next steps to getting your Purdue ID based on your role within the university.
If your photo was not approved, you will receive an email stating Your Photo was Not Approved- Action Required including the reason the photo could not be accepted. You can then submit a new photo that meets all requirements at the same online address. The new photo will upload over the current photo posted and our office will receive automatic notification that a new photo has been submitted. Once the new photo is reviewed, you will receive email communications verifying the status for that photo and next steps to Getting My Purdue ID.