Mission Statement

University Receivables and Collections Office

We provide billing, collection, and student loan services to university customers and constituents while complying with university, state, and federal policies and regulations.

We Provide…

…Accounts Receivable Services…

Accounts Receivable provides centralized billing services for sales generating departments and the recovery of various university assets. 

…Collection Services…

University Collections approaches debt recovery from a customer service and counseling perspective to help clients avoid serious financial hardship.  The collection staff does this by offering creative repayment options while maintaining a focus on debt recovery of university assets.  

…Credit Management and Cash Handling Services…

Credit management and fiscal guidelines are summarized by the University Credit and Collection Operating Procedure that establishes minimum standards for campus-wide accounts receivable and collection processes.  Cash handling guidelines are summarized by the University Cash Handling Manual to enhance internal control of university cash assets. 

…for Purdue University and its’ Constituents…

Our internal customer base within Purdue University includes academic departments, cost centers, central offices, regional campuses, student organizations, and any area involved with billing and collection of outside entities.  Our external customer base includes both individuals and organizations such as businesses, educational institutions, government entities, students, general public, employees, and others both domestic and international that have purchased university goods or services.

The Opportunity

The University Receivables and Collections Office will provide exceptional service to the customers we serve.  We do this by partnering with university departments to meet their accounts receivable and collection management needs. External customers are provided with specialized billings representing student loans, non-student sales and services, or student tuition and housing collection matters. We invite the opportunity to collaborate with University colleagues to assist in implementing or discussion of accounts receivable, collection, cash handling, and credit management practices.

The Approach

The services we provide allow many departments across campus to more effectively and efficiently bill and collect their assets.  This process allows a centralized approach and central point of contact for our valued customers.  Our approach will be realized through the following Core Values and Leadership Behaviors.

  • Customer Valued Quality Service – anticipate, meet and facilitate the needs of the University community by providing timely, professional, and knowledgeable service.
  • Financial Stewardship and Accountability – manage the University’s resources responsibly, effectively, and efficiently with personal accountability and ethical conduct.
  • Continuous Improvement – continually assess and proactively seek innovative ways to add value and improve operations and services.
  • Collaboration – promote an environment with customers and colleagues that includes listening, learning, and the flexibility and willingness to consider creative solutions, and that seeks an acceptable level of risk to achieve opportunities and common goals.
  • Professional Growth and Development – provide an environment where staff members are actively mentored and encouraged to grow professionally and personally, are recognized for their achievements, and are given opportunities with greater exposure and responsibility.
  • Respect and Diversity – foster an inclusive community where all points of view are valued and all people are treated with respect and courtesy.

The Benefits as Seen by Our Customers

  • Automated monthly billing and dunning follow-up
  • Centralized accounting and General Ledger reporting
  • Processing of payments and associated accounting entries
  • Enhance internal control of A/R assets
  • Increased cash flow
  • Collection services including legal and outside collection agency recovery
  • Allow outside customers a central point of contact for A/R and collection matters
  • Payment alternatives, including over the counter, web payments, lockbox, credit card, ACH as well as payment plan options