Single Use Account

What is a single use account (SUA)?

A Single Use Account (SUA) is an electronic credit card based payment solution that has the controls of a check payment.

How does SUA work?

At enrollment, the supplier receives a 7 digit number to keep on file.  Suppliers continue to send invoices to Purdue University.  With each payment, via secure email the bank provides the remaining 9 digits to be combined with the 7 digits on file to create a 16-digit credit card number.  The credit limit on the account is set for the specific payment amount.  The card number is only available for a specified number of days for the supplier to run the payment.  The supplier then takes the payment using the 16-digit number through their Point-of-Sale terminal.

Why should I change to SUA?

There are benefits to using an SUA program for both Purdue and the supplier. 

  • Hold on to cash longer – The supplier receives their money faster and improves their cash flow without negatively affecting Purdue’s cash flow
  • Powerful security and anti-fraud controls
    • Specific 16-digit number assigned to each individual payment
    • Limit set exactly for the amount of payment
    • Card only active for 30 days, or until the payment is taken
    • Eliminates the risk of check fraud
    • Tracking and visibility – SUA transmits remittance data, improving the ability of the supplier to track and forecast
    • Reduced manual costs
      • Suppliers paid via SUA save the time and money of having to process checks through their bank
      • Eliminates the check printing and handling at Purdue
      • Eliminates escheatment of uncashed checks to the State of Indiana.  For more information on Indiana escheatment guidelines, or to search for unclaimed checks, visit Indiana 

Will I be charged a fee to process these transactions?

Purdue will not assess any fees for enrolling in the SUA program.  However, as a supplier accepting credit cards as a course of business, your “merchant bank” will charge you interchange fees on the transaction. 

How can I enroll in the single-use account (SUA) program?

Contact AP ( to discuss the program and to request enrollment into the SUA program.  An enrollment email will be sent to the supplier.  By clicking the acceptance link, in the email, the supplier will have their payment method changed to “Single Use Account” (SUA) and their payment terms to Pay Immediately.  The next payment will then be paid as an SUA payment.

Can credits be processed on the SUA number provided for payment?

No credits cannot be processed on this number. A refund needs to be mailed to:

Purdue University Accounts Payable

2550 Northwestern Ave., Suite 1100

West Lafayette, IN  47906