What We Do…

We Provide Financial and Business Services…

  • Through training and educational assistance on financial literacy and financial procedures
  • Establishing Financial systems, controls, and best practices
  • Processing & auditing transactions in a timely manner
  • Reconciliation of funds
  • Providing review and approval from a financial and risk perspective of activities and contractual agreements
  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state, and university regulations and policies

…to all Purdue University Recognized Student Organizations.

As our primary customer base, student organizations consist of those student groups officially recognized by the Student and Activities Office to utilize University facilities to conduct programs, fundraising, and various activities in pursuit of their organizations’ constitution.  The customers include student officers, general membership, and faculty advisors of their respective student organization.

The Opportunity

The Business Office for Student Organizations aspires to provide exceptional service in the delivery of both financial and business services within the context of Purdue University. We partner with many departments across campus to insure student organizations needs are met.

The Approach

The services we provide are in response to the collective needs of the students, faculty advisors, Student and Activities Office, departmental campus partners, Purdue University, outside entities doing business with student organizations, and governmental regulations. We strive to meet all these needs by providing banking services, fiscal controls, financial counseling, payment services, contractual services, and data processing systems to support the business activity of student organizations. Our approach will be realized through the following Core Values and Leadership Behaviors.

  • Customer Valued Quality Service – anticipate, meet and facilitate the needs of the University community by providing timely, professional, and knowledgeable service.
  • Financial Stewardship and Accountability – manage the University’s resources responsibly, effectively, and efficiently with personal accountability and ethical conduct.
  • Continuous Improvement – continually assess and proactively seek innovative ways to add value and improve operations and services.
  • Collaboration – promote an environment with customers and colleagues that includes listening, learning, and the flexibility and willingness to consider creative solutions, and that seeks an acceptable level of risk to achieve opportunities and common goals.
  • Professional Growth and Development – provide an environment where staff members are actively mentored and encouraged to grow professionally and personally, are recognized for their achievements, and are given opportunities with greater exposure and responsibility.
  • Respect and Diversity – foster an inclusive community where all points of view and experience are valued and all people are treated with respect and courtesy.

The Benefits as Seen by Our Customers:

  • Banking Services
  • Data processing system and recordkeeping of student organization funds
  • Safeguarding of student organization assets
  • Training and financial counseling
  • Centralized point of contact for all student organization business matters
  • Contracting Services
  • Processing and internal control of payments and expenditures
  • Auditing Services
  • Identify and mitigate Risk Management issues
  • Liaison on behalf of student organizations with campus partners