Compliance Resources

Compliance Resources

Purdue employees engaged in any international activities (ex. International travel or working with foreign providers) will find the information in The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) training helpful. This training addresses anti-bribery expectations and it outlines potential personal and university consequences for FCPA violations.

Audience: Faculty and staff conducting international work

Time: 20 minutes

Format: Online only

Recurrence: Annual


All Employment Certs are located in SuccessFactors. 

  1. Visit
  2. Select ‘Employee Launchpad.’
  3. Once in the ‘Employee Launchpad,’ select the ‘Learning’ tile. 
  4. If the course is not assigned to you, search for it in the search box under the title, “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance”.  


EmploymentCerts questions or technical issues should be directed to

Questions specific to the training content should be directed to

If this method is utilized, please complete a certification of completion found: FCPA Training Program Completion Certification

International Presence Triggers:

Generic Triggers:

  1. Are any local nationals going to be hired directly by Purdue for in-country work?  (individuals employed by subs need not be included)
  2. Will travel for any one individual to the foreign country exceed 180 cumulative days throughout a rolling year?
  3. Will Purdue enter into any foreign rental or lease agreements (i.e. office space)?
  4. Will Purdue need a bank account in the country?
  5. Will equipment need to be purchased in the country (i.e. larger than misc. supplies)? Or are items being purchased that will be assembled into something in the country (i.e. to create a ramp or a building)?
  6. Will anyone have the authority to close contracts on behalf of the University in the country?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, please work with Global to schedule a meeting to discuss the project with the Program Leader/PI.

Please Review Country-Specific International Presence Triggers Here: 

Tax Residency QRG