myPurdue Proxy FAQ

Please see below for a list of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding authorized users, proxy access and your myPurdue account. Click on the question to see our answer.

What is a myPurdue Proxy?

Students can give parents, legal guardians or other trusted parties access to view certain pieces of their student information online. This access is referred to as proxy access, and the person who is granted this authorization is called a myPurdue proxy. The student controls the entire process through their myPurdue portal, and can add anyone with a valid email address as a proxy.

How do I establish a proxy?

First, the student must log in to the myPurdue portal to create an account for the proxy. They can click “Proxy Management” in the “Personal Information” section to begin this process.

Once the student has set up the proxy account, login information and account setup directions will be sent to the proxy’s email address. Note: The proxy must have a valid email address in order to access the site.

What information can a proxy see?

A proxy will only see the pieces of information they have been authorized to view. Students select which information pages will be viewable when they set up the account, and they can grant and remove access through the “Proxy Management” page. Examples of information a student may grant access to would be final grades, mid-term grades, registration and schedule.

Can an email address be assigned as a proxy for multiple students?

Yes. Proxies are identified by email address, and multiple students can assign that address as a proxy. This is particularly useful in the case of siblings who both attend Purdue.

What is a passphrase?

A passphrase is a unique code word or phrase that may be assigned by a student to each proxy he or she sets up. Proxies need to use their passphrases when they call University departments for assistance regarding the information they have been authorized to view. University administrators will validate these passphrases and the proxy’s access before speaking with the proxy in an effort to protect the rights of the students. If the proxy has not been granted access, the information cannot be discussed.

I am a proxy and I don’t know my passphrase. Can you send it to me?

Only the student who set up your account can share the passphrase with you. In the myPurdue portal, he or she can visit the “Proxy Management” page and click the “E-mail Passphrase” link to send it to you electronically.

Can I view who has accessed my information through proxy access?

Yes. Students can see how often a proxy has viewed a given information page by accessing the “Authorization” log. To access this log, log in to the myPurdue portal, click on “Proxy Management,” and then click on the proxy’s name to expand their profile.

Next, click on the “History” tab. In this tab, a log table will list information about all actions performed for this proxy account. Both “Login” and “View” will be captured as actions that indicate when the proxy logged on to or viewed a page. This log also captures which pages the proxy viewed as well as the date and time of each action.

Will my proxy be notified if a modification is made, including removing authorization?

No. There is no automatic notification sent to the proxy when a modification to access has been made.

How do I modify the access I previously gave to a proxy?

A student can modify the proxy access by checking or unchecking any of the boxes in the “Authorization” tab. If you want to add access to a page, check the box. If you want to remove access to a page, uncheck the box.

How do I completely remove the access I previously gave a proxy?

A student can remove proxy access in multiple ways:

  • First, the access can be removed by unchecking all of the boxes in the “Authorization” tab, removing access to the pages.
  • Alternatively, the student can change the “Stop Date” on the “Profile” tab to the current date. If this option is used, the proxy will no longer see the student’s name when they log in.
  • Lastly, if the proxy has not viewed any information, the student will have access to the button “Delete Proxy Relationship.” The student can click that button if they desire. Note: This button disappears once the proxy has a viewing history.

Can multiple proxies use the same email address?

Ideally, no. However, if parents share an email address and a student wishes to grant proxy access to both using that address, the student can do so. If this is how the student wishes to set it up, we ask that when completing the first-name field, the student enters both first names (example: Mary and David). In the relationship description field, enter “parents” or “mom and dad” so that it is clear to any administrator reviewing the permissions that this email address is for more than one person.

When a proxy receives access to multiple students’ records, can each student set up different levels of access?

Yes. Each student who grants proxy access to an email address has complete control over the information that the proxy can access, including start and stop dates.

What should be done if the proxy forgets the PIN?

If you cannot remember your PIN, navigate to the login page, enter only your email address and click “Forgot PIN.” An email will be sent with instructions on how to reset your PIN.

Can I access billing and payment information as a proxy?

You will not be able to see billing information and/or pay bills while logged in as a proxy user. In order to access billing information and/or pay bills, you need to be set up as an authorized user within the secure bill payment system. Instructions on how a student can set up an authorized user account are located in the Authorized User portion of this website.

If you have already been setup as an authorized user, you can log in to Purdue’s secure payment gateway to gain access and obtain information.

I have multiple students at Purdue. Why do I only see information for one of them?

The information you can access as a proxy depends on the authorizations set by the student. Since each individual student can choose what information to share with their proxy, the information available for viewing may vary.

I am a proxy and I can’t see all of my student’s information. Can you change that for me?

Administrators cannot change the permission settings for proxies. Only the student establishing proxy access can change the permissions that are granted.

Why are information pages I used to be able to see no longer showing?

Students have the ability to add or remove access at any time. If the student has removed your access to that information page, it will no longer appear in the list. Alternatively, students set the start and stop dates for proxy access when they set up the account. If the stop date is reached, all access will be removed.

If you feel you should still be able to see the pages in question, check with the student who set up your account. He or she can make that change.

I deleted my emails and need to log in to the system as a proxy. What link do I use to log in?

To log in as a proxy, please go to myPurdue Self-Service and follow the instructions.

What steps should a proxy take if their email address is changing?

If a proxy would like to update their email address, they need to log in to their proxy account with the current login information, enter their new email address into the email address field and then click “Save.” The proxy will then need to use that updated email address to log into their account in the future.