Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In Boilerlink on the club’s home page. Activity forms must be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of event. Large scale events may require additional time.

Log into COOL– Club Name- Banking- Generate Account Statement, specify date range and Export report to PDF format.

Students cannot change existing payee addresses. When processing the payment request for that payee in COOL, you will put new address information in the note section of the payment request. BOSO staff will update address.

The club president needs to log into Boilerlink and register the new club officers. Once officers are approved by the Student Activity and Organizations office (SAO) they will forward the new officer information to BOSO to update the COOL system. The COOL update usually takes 2-4 business days once BOSO receives the information from SAO.

Work orders are often needed when an organization requires services, utilities or equipment from University Facilities Management, Purdue Fire Department, Purdue Police Department or Space Management. You can visit BOSO’s Campus Cost Estimate page and view the “Purdue Facilities Service, Utilities and Equipment” drop down to find commonly requested or needed items.

In order to request University services, equipment or utilities, a separate Work Order Form must be completed for each item you need to request. All Work Order Forms should be emailed to Work Orders for security need to be submitted at least 14 business days in advance of an event. All other Work Orders should be submitted no less than 7 business days before an event. Any Work Order cancellations must be done 3 business days before an event. You should email to cancel work orders. The organization may still incur charges for canceled work orders.

In COOL, select the student organization account that the expense will be from paid from. Then select the payment tab: if payment has a document number listed, the check has been processed. The document number is the check number. If the payment request is listed under payment tab with no document number then the request has been approved but the check has not been printed. Checks are printed by 3:00 pm. Payment requests (Checks) are usually ready in 3 business days, if correct back-up document is submitted. 
 Checks can be picked up in BOSO by the President, Treasurer, Advisor, or the Payee, if marked “hold for pick up”. If the payment request was not marked hold for pick-up, it will be mailed next day.

Officer’s access to COOL ceases based on the expiration date submitted on the registration form in Boilerlink. If your office has expired, then you will not have access to COOL. To update officers see “How do I update/change my club officers in COOL”.

You can deposit cash or checks (made out to your club) at the BOSO office, Krach Leadership Center, Room 365 with a completed deposit slip. Deposit slips can be picked up at the BOSO office. See the deposit slip processing instructions on filling out deposit slips.

Donation checks need to be copied by the BOSO office and sent to University Development office for tax purposes for the donor. All donor account information is blacked out.

Yes. The President or Treasurer needs to email from their Purdue University email account and give details of the check: check number, amount, payee & date. Indicate if the replacement check is to be held for pickup or to be mailed. For mailed checks, also provide the current address of the payee. BOSO will then void the original check and reissue the check in the COOL System for the same Payee with a note referencing re-issue of check.

The individual submitting the RM01S form needs to go here to access the form on the Risk Management Website. You will complete and submit online. You will be notified via email from Risk Management when approved. If denied, you will receive notification from Risk Management with a brief explanation of denial. Van certification is also located on the Risk Management website

It is on the COOL System-student organization- Student Organization Information page at the bottom next to SOA Number.

Student Organizations’ funds are not allowed to be used to purchase alcohol or alcohol related items or services, tobacco or tobacco related items, firearms, ammunition, gift cards or gift certificates.