Independent Registered Municipal Advisor (IRMA) Notice

February 24, 2020

By publicly posting the following written disclosure, Purdue intends that market participants receive and use it for purposes of the independent registered municipal advisor (“IRMA”) exemption to the SEC Municipal Advisor Rule.

Purdue has retained an independent registered municipal advisor, Blue Rose Capital Advisors, LLC (“Blue Rose”).   Purdue is represented by, and will rely on, Blue Rose to provide advice on proposals received from financial services firms concerning the issuance of municipal securities and all aspects of any municipal financial products (including investments of bond proceeds, escrow investments and municipal derivatives). The Blue Rose representatives who are serving Purdue have been continuously employed with Blue Rose for at least two years and during this time have not been associated with persons or firms seeking to rely on the IRMA exemption. This certificate may be relied upon unless notified of cancellation or modification in writing.  A current certificate will be maintained at the University’s website.

Proposals may be addressed to Christopher A. Ruhl, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, at The University will share any proposals for serious consideration with its municipal advisor.  Please note that aside from legally mandated correspondence between an underwriter and municipal advisor, the underwriter should not speak directly with or send documents directly to the municipal advisor unless specifically directed to do so by the University.

Purdue University
Christopher A. Ruhl
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Municipal Advisor Contacts – Blue Rose Capital Advisors, LLC

Erik Kelly, President
6400 Flying Cloud Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55344
Ph: 952-746-6050
James McNulty, CFA, Managing Director

Chicago, IL
Ph: 312-332-0082