TDX Resources

West Lafayette Procurement and Employment Centers will transition to a new work request system. Team Dynamix, commonly referred to as TDX, will replace Footprints as the service request system used by Employment and Procurement Operation Centers across the West Lafayette campus. Resources supporting this transition can be found on this page.

Cutover Details: Footprints to TDX

Anyone submitting an order to Footprints after Go-Live will receive an autoreply with instructions for use of the new submission process. Existing Footprints tickets that are “in process” at the time of cutover will be diligently worked for two weeks to resolve or close. Open tickets not resolved after two weeks will be transitioned to the new system. Historical ticketing documentation will remain accessible by center staff for reference. 

Purdue Service Portal

Procurement and Employment Center customers can submit service requests using online forms. The forms are designed to capture all information needed to start work but center staff will follow up with customers if additional information is needed. Current live forms can be accessed through the appropriate Procurement or Employment Services link below.

TDX User Resources

The TDX Requestor User Guide provides step by step instructions for several TDX functions.

Video Tutorials are in development and will provide demonstrations of key TDX functions.