Student Loan Accounts FAQs

(Servicing by Heartland ECSI)

(Perkins, Health Professions and Purdue Loans) 

How can I register, connect and make a payment on the new Heartland ECSI system?

How do I sign a Promissory Note?

  • Go to the following website:
  • Follow the directions to electronically sign your loan(s).

    If you have signed a Federal Perkins or Health Professions loan, it will take approximately five business days for your promissory note to process. After signing your promissory note, the federal government requires a three day wait period in which the borrower has the right to cancel the loan. After the wait period, if you have direct deposit information on file with the Bursar’s Office, it will take approximately two days for Purdue University to process the loan. Students without direct deposit on file with the Purdue University Bursar’s Office will have a longer processing time.
  • Click here for direct deposit instructions.
  • If you have any question, contact:
    ECSI Help Desk: (888) 549-3274
    Purdue University Collections Office: (765) 494-5350

Helpful tips for a Heartland ECSI borrower.

How do I Authorize a Release of Information?

How do I pay a Dean of Students Emergency Loan?

Online Payment: Credit Card and E-check

Go to the following website: Heartland ECSI

  1. Click on ‘Make a Guest Payment’
  2. Do you have a Heartland Key, Yes
    o Enter Heartland Key in the Heartland Key box provided. Proceed to make
    a payment
  3. Do you have a Heartland Key, No
    o Go to “We need information to look up your Heartland Key
    o Complete the required information.
    o Click on “Find My Account
    o Once you have your Heartland Key, return and select “Make a Guest

  • Click on Live Chat at the bottom of the page for assistance/questions with
    making a payment.
  • School code is 7Y should the customer service representative need this
    information in order to assist you with making a payment.
  • If the password and account information you receive from Heartland ECSI is not for school code “7Y”, please contact Heartland ECSI or Purdue University Collections listed below.
  • Your payment may take 24-28 hours to process and update your loan record.
  • If you have questions, contact:
    ECSI Help Desk Phone: (888) 549-3274
    Purdue University Collections: (765) 494-5350

By Mail:

(Check, or Money order Payable to: Purdue University)

Purdue University Collections Office
2550 Northwestern Ave., Suite 1900
West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

How do I complete an exit interview obligation?

The purpose of the Exit Interview is to inform you of your rights and responsibilities based on the financial aid you accepted from Purdue University and should take 10-15 minutes to complete on-line. You may wish to print out copies of loan information for your records.

The Exit Interview is required by Purdue University and the Department of Education.

Purdue’s loan service provider is Heartland ECSI (Educational Computer Systems, Inc.). Log on to and use the live chat function to complete your exit interview.

How do I pay a Perkins, Purdue Institutional, and/or Health Professions Loan?

Purdue’s loan service provider is Heartland ECSI (Educational Computer Systems, Inc.). Log on to  Enter your school code (“3P”), your account number (your Purdue ID dropping the first zero), and your password. If you do not have the password you need to log on to Heartland ECSI, you may click on the “need help logging in” box and request a password.

If you are unable to receive a password, please contact Heartland ECSI directly at (888) 549-3274. You may also contact Heartland ECSI to set up payment arrangements.

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For more FAQs, check out the Heartland ECSI website at: