Payment Options

For Student Banner Tuition, Fees, & Housing, Billing & Invoices, go to myPurdue

To make a payment on non-student departmental sales and services, clinics, testing centers, and other billings issued by Accounts Receivable

  • Instructions to make a Credit Card Payment can be requested at
  • Mail Check or Certified Funds (in U.S. Dollars drawn on a U.S. Bank ONLY) to:
    • Purdue University
      Accounts Receivable
      24025 Network Place
      Chicago, IL 60673-1226

To make a payment on Perkins, Purdue, and Health Professions Loans

To make a payment on Dean of Student Emergency Loans (school code = 7y)

To make a payment on past due student, non-student, or student loan accounts, or for accounts placed with collection agencies or in litigation.