Executive Offices Business Operations Center

EOBOC Employment Center

The EOBOC Employment Center assists departments and departmental business managers with personnel action processing (all personnel actions), supplemental payments (such as award, moving allowances, distinguished and named professorships and faculty scholars) and payroll processes. Hiring Managers should always discuss employment decisions with their departmental business manager before contacting the EOBOC.

Contact EOBOC Employment Center at EOBOC@purdue.edu for all employee action requests.

EOBOC Procurement

The EOBOC Procurement Center is here to assist our customers with credit card purchases, Ariba requisitions, invoices, personal payments, consulting payments and other non-personal payments.  We are always available to connect virtually to discuss specific questions or work through issues. Please contact us at procureeo@purdue.edu for assistance.

Effective immediately, we are accepting electronic P-card receipts, which means original P-card receipts are no longer required. This will allow for easier transmission of receipts to the EOBOC.  All fiscally approved P-card forms and documentation can be sent to pcardeo@purdue.edu.

Please see the new P-card receipt guidelines in the Credit Card Access and Use section below.