Finance Website

About the Website

With its launch in May of 2023, the new Finance website consolidated a variety of unit specific websites into one umbrella site. The content is a collection of processes, procedures and financial governance resources for the units reporting to the Vice President/Deputy CFO and Assistant Treasurer. These units include Financial Planning and Analysis, the Controller and areas reporting to the Controller, Business Operations and Business Management.

While responsibility for the functionality of the site rests with the Business Operations area, responsiblity for site currency rests with each Finance employee. It is critical for efficient operations that site content reflects current processes, procedures and policies.

Ideas for new content, significant page redesign or access to make direct site edits should be directed to Angie Delworth as site manager. Content edits or updates can be directed to the site coordinators listed below.

Site Manager: Angie Delworth, Director of Finance Training and Communication, Finance and Business Operations

Site Coordinators: