Employment Centers

Center WebsitesBusiness Area Name/NumberOperation Center EmailLead ContactTeam Members
Administrative Operations (4022)pfpayroll@purdue.eduKara TownsendBeth Russell
Ag Employment CenterCollege of Agriculture (4011)boffagpayroll@purdue.eduNikki GrayDeaon Hackley
Kristen Wilcox
Beth Kincade
CLA & Education Employment CenterCollege of Education (4020)
College of Liberal Arts (4017)


Theresa Wagner
Joy Brown
Karen Danaher
Engineering Employment Operations CenterCollege of Engineering (4014)engremployment@purdue.eduZachary DeHenesMichelle Roe
Nichole Frantz
Laura Wainscott
Shadwan Lone
Holly Wisinski
Kelsey Bisher
Executive Office Business Operations CenterPWL Central (4000)
President (4001)
VPTL (4002)
Treasurer CFO (4003)
VP of Ethics and Compliance (4005)
EVP Research and Partnership (4007)
VP of Information Technology (4008)
Finance (4009)
Krannert (4015)
Graduate School (4023)
Libraries (4024)
Engagement (4025)
Discovery Park (4027)
Enrollment Management (4031)
Human Resources (4032)
Diversity and Inclusion (4035)
EVP, Strat Comm (4036)
Office of the Provost (4039)
Honors College (4041)
Office Corporate and Global Partnership (4042)
SVPAT/SPS (4046)
Office of Legal/Risk Management (4055)
Purdue Online (4063)
EOBOC@purdue.eduWhitney BeutelJennifer Simpson
Lori Allison
Carol Brown
Alyssa Cotten
Jill Aichinger
Nicole Sellers
HHS Employment CenterHealth & Human Sciences (4013)HHSEmployment@purdue.eduRenae BarbourKatherine Bowen
Paula Green
Intercollegiate Athletics (4029)kellyb@purdue.eduKelly BarrettKelly Barrett
Polytechnic Payroll CenterPolytechnic Institute (4019)knoy-payroll@purdue.eduMichele Grant-Snethen
Brookny Sandifur
Crystal Pirtle
Lyna Badylak
Science & Pharmacy Payroll CenterCollege of Science (4018)
College of Pharmacy (4016)
Kelly Cunningham
Lynn Jacobs
Anna Bauer
Tammy Muthig
Nina Wilson
Avery Reese
Student Life (4030)
Student Orgs (4049)
SLBO-Payroll@purdue.eduBobbi GibsonHeather Willson
Lori O’Connor
Karen Gaither
College of Veterinary Medicine (4012)pvmhr@purdue.eduJennifer StevensCarissa Burgess
Purdue Applied Research Institute (4064)parioperations@purdue.edu
PFW Human Resourcespfpayroll@purdue.edu
PNW Human Resourceshr@pnw.edu

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