Account Receivable Systems


  • Stand-a-lone A/R billing & Collection System: A separate departmental system that is used to record customer billing, payment and collection information that is not shared or uploaded to the University SAP FI-AR system.  The department bears sole responsibility to support and maintain the receivable and collection management process.  Per University policy, any outstanding A/R maintained in a stand-a-lone system must be recorded to the University General Ledger on a timely basis.
  • Feeder/Data System:  A departmental system that initially records customer sales and service data to facilitate registrations, pre-payment, and/or compiling of charges for later data feed or upload to the University SAP FI-AR system.  Once entered to FI-AR, the transactions post to the University General Ledger and billing, payment processing, and collection activities are performed via the FI-AR system.

An overview and questionnaire for departments that desire to maintain either a Stand-a-lone A/R or Feeder system applicable to Non-Student accounts receivable is available.

Contact the Operations Manager, Accounts Receivables at to discuss questions pertaining to this process.