Purchasing Centers

Updates to this information can be submitted to the EOBOC Operations Manager.

Center Websites
Business Area Name / NumberOperation Center EmailLead ContactTeam Members
Ag Procurement/ PurchasingCollege of Agriculture (4011)boff.agpurchasing@lists.purdue.edu
Jennifer ScruggsAnn Nordmeyer
Phyllis Dotson
Aaron Thomas
Mikayla Smith
Patrice Castillo
Ethan Brewer
Lauren Pursell
Anna Isbell
College of Education (4020)EDU-CLAProcurement@purdue.eduCaitlin ZahnCarrie Brier
CLA Purchasing CenterCollege of Liberal Arts (4017)EDU-CLAProcurement@purdue.eduCaitlin ZahnTanya Woodard
Katherine Byers
Science BO ProcurementCollege of Science (4018)
College of Pharmacy (4016)
cosprocure@purdue.eduLeslie MartinKaren Benakovich
Karen Croussore
Claire Evans
Liz Dunning
Cheyenne Tomlin
Tatum Carter
Heather Sands
Executive Offices Business Office Operations CenterPWL Central (400)
President (4001)
VPTL (4002)
POL (4063)
Treasurer CFO (4003)
VP or Ethics and Compliance (4005)
EVP Research and Partnership (4007)
VP of Information Technology (4008)
Finance (4009)
Daniels School of Business (4015)
Graduate School (4023)
Administrative Operations (4022)
Libraries (4024)
Engagement (4025)
Centers & Institutes (4027)
Student Life (4030)
Enrollment Management (4031)
Human Resources (4032)
Diversity and Inclusion (4035)
EVP, Strategic Comm (4036)
Honors College (4041)
Office Corporate and Global Partnership (4042)
SVPAT/SPS (4046)
WBAA (4047)
Student Orgs (4049)
Office of Legal/Risk Mangement (4055)
Whitney Beutel
Megan Stratton
Breanna Maxwell
Marsha Angstadt
Brittany Clemans
Crystal Duncan
Penny Haddock
Joni Robinson
Kim Lahrman
Shelby Murch
Rachel Wyrick
Jenni Heazeltine
Mary Kendall
Alisha Mosteller
Brittany McGuire
Spencer Carey
Anastasia Gray
Megan Llamas
HHS Purchasing CenterHealth & Human Sciences (4013)
NCNC (4048)
hhspurchasingcenter@purdue.eduMary ArzolaJacquie Schluttenhofer
Jody Courtney
Kyndell Clark
Intercollegiate Athletics (4029csterret@purdue.eduCindy SterrettKara Shufflebarger
Engineering Procurement CenterCollege of Engineering (4014)engrprocure@purdue.eduKim Dixon
Meghan Sarault
Tania Bell
Sharon Nemeth
Shelby Haugen
Zach Wise
Jenna Roe
Megan Pursell
Nathan Bryant
Ashley Cooper
April Pritts
Alisha McDade
Polytechnic Institute Procurement
Polytechnic Institute (4019)

Matthew BosgraafCindy Barnett
Lindsy Cottrell
Brook Sandifur
Veterinary Medicine ProcurementCollege of Veterinary Medicinesvmorder@purdue.eduJennifer StevensJanet Rivers
Miranda Parson
Lorraine Fox
Purdue Fort Wayne Contacts
FW Central (2000)
Chancellor (2001)
Financial and Admin Affairs (2002)
Enrollment Mgmt and Stu Experience (2003)
Academic Affairs (2004)
Richard T Doermer Sch of Business (2007)
College of Science (2008)
Division of Continuing Studies (2009)
School of Education (2010)
College of Eng, Tech, & Comp Science (2011)
Library (2013
College of Visual & Performing Arts (2015)
Athletics (2016)
Physical Facilities (2017)
Student Housing (2019)
College of Liberal Arts (2020)

Pam Thompsonjacksond@pfw.edu
Purdue Northwest

Jennifer Hupke

Updates to this information can be submitted to the EOBOC Operations Manager.

Follow the steps outlined in the downloadable document below to obtain a list of individuals with fiscal authority and their level of authority. Users need to have access to SAP T-code ZFI_WF_APPROVERS.

Hospitality Policy

School Discretionary and Institutional Program (SDIP) funds are unrestricted charitable contributions made by alumni, friends, corporations, staff, and faculty for use by the receiving units. These contributions are donated to fund expenditures that will enhance program and departmental missions, goals and objectives within the unit designated by the donor and are held by the Purdue Research Foundation (PRF). Units can request disbursements of the funds into university accounts to fund university activities. These disbursements are made on a biweekly basis via Automatic Clearing House (ACH) transactions.

Questions can be directed to prfap-discretionary@prf.org.

To request a disbursement of funds from their units PRF SDIP account, units should complete the Discretionary Fund Request form below:

Discretionary Fund Request Form

PRF Guidelines for the Use of Funds