Resources / Links

  • Cool website link 
  • If unable to login into COOL System go to TOOLS then Compatibility View Settings and then Add to your computers Tools. You need to have Boilerlink registration updated and have current officers on file with the BOSO office.
  • If you do not have a current registration submitted in BoilerLink and approved by the Student Activity Office your club officers will not have access to COOL.
  • NO gift cards or gift certificates may be purchased or reimbursed with club funds.
  • NO club funds may be used to purchase or reimburse for alcohol, tobacco or related products/ services.
  • Payments/Reimbursements: Be sure to choose the correct account in COOL when submitting a payment request. EX: If expense is a SOGA funded/approved expense use your SOGA account. Clubs may have multiple accounts; General, SOGA, OEG, Scholarship, Charity, etc.
  • All receipts and/ or invoices need to be itemized (listing in detail what was purchased with club funds) before BOSO may reimburse payees. Receipts and/ or Invoices must be legible.
  • Merchandise with Purdue logos or trademarks must be purchased from licensed vendors, see Marketing & Media website
  • Officers can check and see if a check is processed by reviewing COOL account. If there is a document number by payment, the check has been processed. The document number is the check number.
  • All deposits are made at BOSO, Krach, room 365.
  • Activity Forms must be submitted on Boilerlink TWO WEEKS prior to the date of the event/travel. Large Scale events may require additional time.
  • Students DO NOT sign any contracts on behalf of their organization and Purdue University. If your event involves contracting for an event BOSO will review and execute contracts on behalf of the organization and Purdue University. A “contract worksheet” will need to be completed and submitted to BOSO for all speakers, artists, entertainers, etc.
  • If artist or speaker, etc has their own contract this must be submitted to BOSO for review and approval
  • Any venue rental agreement/contract must also be submitted to BOSO for review and approval.
  • Traveling on behalf of a student organization requires an Activity Planning Form to be submitted. All drivers must be RMO1 approved. The RMO1S form is found on the Risk Management website.  Two RMO1 approved drivers per vehicle is required. If requesting a van, drivers must be 21 years of age and complete a Van Certification. The Van Certification link is on the Risk Management Website.
  • BOSO has check out purchasing cards available in their office to assist with purchases
  • To utilize card, you will need sufficient funds in your account to cover the anticipated expenses. This is not a “line of credit”
  • You must email to request use of a purchasing card. You will receive directions and the purchasing card documentation in response to the email. A card can only be “checked out” for in store purchases-not online purchases.
  • Online purchases must be made in the BOSO office. An appointment is required for online purchases. An appointment can be made by emailing

Things to remember:

  • When returning the card, the wallet should contain all the documents that it contained at the time of checkout. In addition, an itemized receipt must be included or receipt must be sent to 
  • Please remember that Purdue is a tax exempt organization and sales tax cannot be charged, except for purchases of catered food and/or prepared food, such as restaurant meals. A copy of Purdue’s tax ID number is printed in the top left corner of your pcard. In addition, a copy of Purdue’s sales tax exempt form is in your pcard wallet. If a purchase is made that incorrectly contains sales tax, the purchaser will be responsible for correcting the error.
  • Purdue University is a Coca-Cola campus. Beverages (soda, water, juice, etc.) purchased with student organization raised funds only are exempt, and you can purchase any beverages your organization prefers. If the purchase is funded by university funds (such as student fees and grants), Coca-Cola products must be purchased.
  • Prohibited Uses of the Card
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Gift Cards
    • Furniture
    • Controlled substances/items
    • Firearms and Ammunition
    • Personal or non-business purchases
    • Copiers, printers, scanners, faxes, multi-function (MFP) devices
    • Toner
    • Cylinder gases
    • Airfare and registration fees (BOSO staff have cards to assist with these purchases) 
    • Lodging (BOSO staff have cards to assist with these purchases)
    • Car rental
    • Fuel
    • Automatic charges for renewal of prior purchases (ie. memberships, subscriptions, etc)
  1. Log into your MyPurdue Portal
  2. Click on “Life@Purdue” then Go to the “Student Services” Area
  3. Next Click on “BOSO/COOL Online” Link
  4. Choose Organization Name and Account
  5. Click on the “BANKING BUTTON” on the left hand side in the middle of the screen.
  6. Click “Payment in Process” Tab – Choose “Add A Payment” Icon.
  7. Check “Transfer to Student Organization” only if making a Transfer/payment to another club.
  8. Only create one check request per payee. You can add up to 9 line items on check request and attach as many receipts as needed. 
  9. Search “PAYEE” from your clubs existing list of payees and select from drop down list, if not found then Choose “Add Payee”.
  10. Type name of “Payee” in the box and click the “CHECK PAYEE” Button.  If the payee shows up in the existing Payee List select the Payee and click the Yellow “Select Existing Payee” Box.  If this is not the payee you want then click the Yellow “Request New Payee” Box fill in name and address etc.  Click Continue and Click Save. 
  11. Mark the “HOLD for Pick Up” if you want to pick the check up in the BOSO Office (quickest way to get your check).  Next, fill in all blanks on the payment screen with information relating to this payment.
  12. Type on the “Check Memo” Line what you want printed on the bottom of the check.
  13. Click “Add Icon” can be used to add multiple lines to payment if needed.
  14.  Click Continue
  15.  Next attach invoice or receipts for this payment.  
  16.  Click on “Attached documents” Tab or “Unattached Documents” Tab to add the invoice or receipts to the payment; etc. to the payment. Files must be pdf or jpeg. Pdf max file size is 6Mbytes and jpeg max file size is 5Mbyte.
  17. Choose “Add” Icon browse computer for documents. Click Save.
  18. Next under “Attach documents” Tab put check mark next to documents, Check mark on Save Box. Click Save.
  19.  Save Payment & Click Okay.
  20.  If you are the individual being reimbursed, another officer is required to go approve the payment before BOSO can approve.

Steps to Approve a Payment in COOL

  1. Log into your MyPurdue Portal
  2. Resource Tab
  3. BOSO/COOL Online link under Student Services
  4. Choose Organization Name
  5. Click on the BANKING BUTTON on the left hand side in the middle of the screen.
  6. Under the PAYMENTS IN PROCESS tab find the payment you want to approve.
  7. Next Click on the Icon with a circle with a Red Checkmark in it next to the payment.  Then at the bottom of the page will be the APPROVE Button or REJECT Button.
  1. Log into your MyPurdue Portal
  2. Resource Tab
  3. Student Services Tab then choose BOSO/COOL Tab
  4. Choose Organization Name and Account
  5. Click on the E-COMMERCE BUTTON on the left hand side in the middle of the screen.
  6. “Catalog Items In Process” Tab Next Click on Add Icon
  7. You should already have the image of the item loaded into your computer.
  8. “Thumbnail Image” Browse computer for image of item.  All items must have image.
  9. “Item Description Brief” of item.  Shows on Store Front.
  10. “Category” choose from drop down menu.
  11. “Income Accounts” choose from drop down menu.
  12. “Sales Tax” is calculated by the income code.  When pricing your item you need to mark up your item at least 20% plus shipping costs – See #16.
  13. “Item cost” – cost per item.
  14. “Units” for your item, i.e. each, box, pair, none.
  15. “Shipping Costs” are to be calculated by the club.  (Make sure and calculate all of your costs involved in shipping the items).   The club is responsible to do all shipping.  Shipping option is not required.  Leave “Shipping Cost” blank if no shipping charges.
  16. “Shipping Cost Per” choose either item or order.
  17. “Start & End Date” refers to the time period your item is available for sale.
  18. “Immediate Electronic Charge” needs to be checked so the credit card is charged.
  19. “Serialize Item” Order for item has quantity 10, serialization allows the club to track when each of the 10 items are completed. They wanted a way to purchase 10 movie rentals and track when each redemption took place. So serialization allows to track the delivery or use of each item. Serialized items have scanable, unique, barcodes.
  20.  “Generate Certificate” Creates a ticket.  Must have image for item and organization loaded to generate ticket.  Tickets have scanable, unique, barcodes. This is an add on feature to serialization that just adds the ticket feature.
  21. “Item Description Full “of item.  You will want to put the information regarding pickup location of item and other instructions for the customer here in this section, can be in HTML format for email and URL.
  22. “Active” will put the item on your storefront once BOSO audits and approves the item. On/Off Switch for the Store Front.
  23. “Non Store Front Item” (Should only be checked if given approval to use this item by BOSO staff)
  24. “Members Only Area” needs to be checked if you want to sell to members only. Customers are required to request membership. Item is restricted to someone who has “Member Only” access.  Individual requested “Member Only” access and the club approved it.  Item can not be seen by Non-Members.
  25.  “Limit to University Email” customers can only purchase if they use their university email accounts.
  26.  “Allow Customer Note” needs to be checked if you want the customer to make a note.
  27. “Limit Individual Purchase or Quantity” only if your club wants to limit purchases or quantity per person in a single order. This also checks previous orders for the customer.
  28. “Limit Order Purchase” needs to be checked if you want this for your item.
  29. “Limit Order Purchase Quantity” needs to be checked if you want this for your item.
  30. “Nothing to Pickup”/“Pickup Only” refers to item will only be available for pickup.
  31. “Allow item to be Picked Up” no Shipping charges will be charged on item. Customer will have option when purchasing.
  32. “Pick Up Location” List the location where the item will be available for customers.
  33.  “Note” section to make a note to other officers or to BOSO.  Message goes on Store Front.
  34.   “Internal Note” section to make a note to other officers or to BOSO.  Does not show on Store Front.
  35.  Click “Continue”
  36. “Thumbnail Image” (JPGS only) Need to put a picture or image of your item here.
  37. “Email Notice to Officers for Approval” Check the box if want message sent to other club officers.
  38. “INVENTORY” Tab choose the “Add Icon” This is how you build your inventory based on purchases to track inventory in TooCOOL.You can add as many inventory items as you need.
  39. Enter “ Description” name
  40. Click “Active Box”
  41. Click “Sales Limit Enable” this will stop sales on store front once you run out of that particular inventory item.
  42. Enter “Sales Limit Number” Clubs CANNOT back order.  Inventory Items available.  All items must be on hand-in stock.
  43. Choose “Size” and “Color” for item.
  44. Complete additional inventory lines if necessary.
  45. Click Save

Once the item is approved by BOSO it appears under the “Catalog Items” Tab and will automatically go to storefront.

Ecommerce storefronts can have up to 2 additional officers that will not have Banking access only ecommerce access to maintain the storefront. E-Commerce Officers must be listed on your Boilerlink Registration.

Fulfilling Orders is done on “Orders In Process” Tab choose “Edit” Icon checking “Shipped/Delivered” Box then completion Individual and Completion Date will automatically fill with person’s name who is signed into COOL processing the orders.   All orders must be tracked and fulfilled and accounted for. “Backorders” are not allowed.  A “No Refunds” statement may be placed on your storefront. Refunds can be processed on E-Commerce.

“Member Requests” Tab is where individuals can request to be members of your store, and your club needs to accept or reject these individuals.

Club will receive an email when items are purchased.  The purchases will also be in the “Items in Process” tab.

Reference this document to anticipate costs for commonly used services, utilities and venues on Purdue’s campus. This tool should be used to help you budget for your events, particularly larger scale activities. Please note that these costs are only estimates, and actual cost may be higher or lower. Rates were confirmed in April 2020 and are subject to change at any time. Rates are provided for rough estimates only. Official estimates should be obtained from the appropriate department for solid budget planning.

Purdue Facilities Services, Utilities and Equipment

Services in this category are requested through a work order submitted to BOSO; work order forms can be found here. These charges are some of the most overlooked by students when they are trying to plan events. If you have additional questions about what kinds of factors might affect pricing, please contact for additional information. Many services will also have an additional charge for labor; for more information on these cost, visit the shop rate page on Facility Management’s website.

CoRec Venues and Rentals

France A. Córdova Recreation Sports Center offers space and equipment rentals for events both large and small and informal or formal. Facility rentals for events outside of normal operating hours will be an additional $50.00. For full list of facility and rental costs go here. Contact to reserve.

Hall of Music

Hall of Music offers some of the most exciting venues on campus for speaking and performance engagements, including Loeb Theater, Elliott Hall of Music, Fowler Hall and Slayter Center for Performing Arts. They also provide a wide range of audio visual equipment, staging and more, which can be rented for events throughout campus. The following quotes are based on the most typical requests HOM receives and should be used for planning purposes only. Actual quotes will be given once the EPM has spoken with client and determined their individual requests. Variations in quotes can result from length of event, equipment needed, and additional services requested. For quotes, please contact the Hall of Music.