Quick Guide to PBU

Purdue University and the Office of Treasury Operations provide a quick guide to private business use as it relates to tax-advantaged debt financed facilities. See below for our quick guide.

With any instance of private business use, please consult with the Office of Treasury Operations at 765-494-9783 or by email at privatebusinessuse@purdue.edu.

General Public UseNo
Sale or Transfer of Building OwnershipYES
Lease or Rental Contract
Lease < 50 days (cumulative)No
Lease to Federal GovernmentYES
Non-possessory (antennae, etc.)No
Service & Management Contracts
Franchise AgreementsYES
University-Wide Service AgreementMaybe
Naming Rights Gift or Contract
Corporate or Pseudo-Corporate NamingMaybe
Joint VentureYES
Parking spacesYES
Special Legal Entitlement to Third PartyYES
Special Economic Benefit to Third PartyYES