We have transitioned to our new home on the fourth floor of the Krach Leadership Center (KRCH) building (formerly CSEL).
Our new address will be:

Krach Leadership Center
1198 Third Street
West Lafayette, IN

We have high expectations for you at Purdue. We also know that you are up to it. Student Success at Purdue is designed to partner with you to meet those expectations. At Purdue, you will receive a world-class education, share once-in-a-lifetime experiences and make lifelong friends along the way. Click any of the links below to learn more.

  • graduate in 4 years, maintain 3.0 gpa, study 2 hours per class, engage in 1 learning activity
  • 76% of new boilermakers attend bgr
  • 90% of students attend star with family
  • 1 hour of si equals 2 hours of studying alone
  • 1.9 million dollars are invested in purdue education for military and verterans
  • Purdue Tutor Matching Service has over 200 subjects covered
  • Almost 1/3 of new students participate in a LC
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