Payroll/Fringe Benefits

Graduate Staff Remission

Graduate Staff Remission is a form of compensation paid as, or in lieu of, wages to graduate student employees. Graduate staff appointed as Graduate Teaching Assistants, Graduate Aides, Graduate Research Assistants, or Graduate Administrative/Professional Staff receive a tuition and fee remission each semester and summer session that they are employed. The fee remission relieves the graduate student of obligation to pay full tuition and fees and requires the student to pay the graduate staff fee each session. Graduate Student Employee is a classification that is regardless of residency.

Graduate Employee Fee Remissions Accounting and Rate.

Fringe Benefit Budgeted Rates

The purpose of the rate memo is to provide information to assist in budgeting fringe benefit costs for sponsored programs and other accounts chargeable for fringe benefits.  It is important to note this document represents rates that are used for budget estimates only.  The University charges each fringe separately.

Other Fringe Benefit Links

  • Fringe Benefit Redirects – Fringe Benefit Redirects process is applied when fringes are unallowable on a grant or other fund source.
  • Payroll Accruals Process – The Payroll Posting to Accounting Program generates an estimated payroll accrual each month for services provided for by bi-weekly paid employees that have not yet been posted by the end of the month.  The link above contains a complete explanation and the Payroll Accrual Calculator.