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What is BoilerExpress?

BoilerExpress is declining balance account that gives you on-campus buying power for food, laundry and much more. It offers the convenient option of preloading funds to an online debit account that can be accessed with the swipe of your Purdue ID card at over 30 retail locations across campus.

Each time you use your BoilerExpress account, the amount of your purchase will be automatically deducted from your account. Your BoilerExpress account will roll with you from semester to semester and from year to year. The balance stays with you until you graduate or terminate all affiliations with Purdue.

Please note:

  • BoilerExpress is NOT accepted at bookstores or other off-campus locations.
  • Cash withdrawals are not permitted.
  • Cash refunds are not made for returned merchandise.

Who is Eligible for BoilerExpress? 

A BoilerExpress declining balance account is available to the following individuals: 

  • Staff and faculty currently employed by Purdue.
  • Students in active status according to Banner.

BoilerExpress vs. Dining Dollars

A BoilerExpress account is different from a Dining Dollars account. A BoilerExpress account is a declining balance account for which you must sign up for and deposit funds. A Dining Dollars account is opened for you when you sign up for a housing contract through University Residences based on the meal plan chosen.