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Sponsored Billing and Payment

Third-party billing, or sponsored billing, is when an organization outside of Purdue University makes a promise or commitment to pay for educational expenses on your behalf. Purdue accepts third-party billing as a form of payment for tuition and fees billed through the Office of the Bursar. A credit is placed on the student’s account as a promise to pay that comes from an eligible sponsor; Purdue will then bill the sponsor directly for the payment.

Student Requirements

It is the responsibility of the student to turn in their sponsor’s authorization form or letter (tuition assistance authorization, financial guarantee, letterhead from sponsor, etc.). A temporary credit is placed on the student’s account to await payment of tuition from the sponsor. This allows the student to confirm enrollment and drop and add courses if needed.

Invoices will be sent after the last refund period (approximately six weeks after the first day of class) and will be due within 30 days. A reminder will be sent to sponsors who have invoices with a balance due after 60 days. If payment is not made within 75 days, the sponsor’s credit will be removed from the student account, a hold will be placed on the student’s record, and it will become the responsibility of the student to pay. In order to resolve any issues, both the student and the sponsor will be notified prior to removal of the tuition credit.

To be able to participate in sponsored billing, a student must:

  • Submit a billing authorization (tuition assistance authorization, financial guarantee, etc.) to Purdue before the first day of class. The authorization cannot be contingent upon grades for payment.
  • Notify the Office of the Bursar of any changes.
  • If the authorization lists specific courses, the student must remain registered in those courses unless they make revision with the sponsor and the sponsor notifies the Office of the Bursar.

Sponsor Requirements

To be able to participate in sponsored billing, a sponsor must:

  • Be approved by the University to participate.
  • Submit payment by the third-party invoice due date.
  • Contact the Office of the Bursar if the sponsor disputes any part of the invoice (cost, courses, term, etc.).
  • Report any changes in student’s authorized amount.
  • Agree to remit payment regardless of grades. Purdue cannot set up a third-party billing if payment is contingent upon grades.
  • Contact the Office of the Bursar to activate the SponsorPoint account and become eligible to receive e-Bills and e-Statements.

Third-party authorizations can be submitted in person, by fax or by email. All authorizations must include:

  • Company name.
  • Billing address.
  • Phone number and email address.
  • Name of contact person.
  • Name of student(s) sponsored and Purdue ID number(s).
  • Amount authorized or what charges are covered.
  • Courses covered — if specific classes have been approved by the sponsor.
  • Semester for which authorization covers.

Purdue Contacts

Carole Perigo
Purdue West Lafayette Campus and International Sponsors
Phone:  765-494-1024
Fax:      765-496-6546

Chad Lester
Purdue Online and Professional Masters programs, and Polytechnic Statewide locations
Phone:  765-494-6988
Fax:      765-496-1133


Purdue offers the free account management tool SponsorPoint, an easier way for sponsors to pay and review their accounts. With SponsorPoint, sponsors can easily review statements, prepare remittance advice and make payments online without manual assistance by school staff.

Sponsors will be able to:

  • View statements and payment history online.
  • Manage account details and user profiles.
  • Make a payment using an electronic check (ACH) or send a wire transfer or paper check.
  • Use remittance forms to specify payment intent for traditional check payments.
  • Access online student billing details.
  • Request an early billing invoice.

If you would like more information, please email You also can fill out the SponsorPoint enrollment form.