Chemical Waste Storage

Hazardous waste containers at Purdue are stored in satellite accumulation areas (SAA). SAA's are used to manage waste in laboratories and shops because it provides safe and effective means to accumulate hazardous waste before removal by REM personnel. Additionally, SAA's provide the least restrictive regulatory option for the accumulation and storage of hazardous waste containers.

Satellite Accumulation Area Storage Guidelines:

  • All waste must be stored in containers.
  • Containers must be in good condition and compatible with the waste they contain.
  • Containers must be kept closed at all times except when adding or removing waste.
  • Containers must be labeled or clearly marked with words that describe the contents of the waste (i.e. Acetone 50%, Water 50%) and the words "Hazardous Waste".
  • Containers must be stored at or near the point of generation and under the control of the generator of the waste.
  • The waste storage volume should never exceed 55 gallons. Submit frequent Hazardous Materials Pickup Request Forms to reduce the amount of waste stored in the SAA.
  • Containers should be segregated appropriately during storage.
  • All spills and leaks should be cleaned up immediately. If lab personnel are unable to clean up the spill they should contact REM at (765) 494-0121 or call 911 if the spill is an emergency.