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FAQs - Preferred Name

Many individuals on campus have expressed a desire to be known by a name different than their legal name. This different name would be a preferred name.

Students can change their preferred name via the myPurdue portal. Please note:

  • It may take up to three business days for the update to appear.  
  • You will need to take your current ID to Purdue ID Card Operations / Support and trade it in for a new ID with the preferred name. 
  • There will be a replacement fee charged.

Faculty and staff can change their preferred name at Purdue ID Card Operations / Support.

The legal name will continue to be used in business processes that require use of the legal name, such as for payroll records and student transcripts.

Faculty, staff, retiree and student cardholders may have an appropriate preferred name used on their Purdue ID cards.

Students, staff and faculty can come to Purdue ID Card Operations / Support and request a replacement Purdue ID card with their preferred name printed on the card. There is a replacement fee

Our staff will determine if the preferred name is in our system and meets our guidelines. Customers can choose to get a new photo or use the same photo on file. All customers must surrender their current Purdue ID card.

The individual is free to determine the preferred name they want to use in the University's information systems. Establishing a preferred name in Banner does not automatically give one the right to put the name on the Purdue ID card.

Your Purdue-issued ID card is your official University ID and is the property of Purdue University. Purdue reserves the right to decline the ID holder’s request to print a preferred name on the Purdue ID card if the name is deemed inappropriate. 

Inappropriate preferred names include but are not limited to those that avoid legal obligation, misrepresent, harass or threaten. In most cases, a preferred name should not be a message, company or group name, especially if it is for promotional purposes.

Individuals with preferred names deemed inappropriate can:

  • Obtain a Purdue ID card with just their legal name.
  • Change their preferred name in Banner and return later to our office for a Purdue ID card with revised appropriate preferred name.
  • Appeal the decision.

To appeal the decision of the Purdue ID Card Operations / Support staff, please send us an email stating your request to appeal the decision. Please explain your position as completely as possible on why you believe the preferred name is appropriate.

Purdue ID Card Operations / Support administrators will contact the Registrar’s Office, Human Resources or Purdue Trademarks and Licensing to discuss the appeal and then contact the cardholder with a final decision. These offices have the ultimate authority in determining the appropriateness of preferred names. 

An email response will be sent to inform the cardholder of the decision within 30 days of the request. At that point, the decision will be considered final. If the request has been approved, the Purdue ID Card Operations / Support staff must issue a Purdue ID card with the approved preferred name.

The legal name will be printed on the reverse side of the Purdue ID card.

No. When you surrender your current card, you can receive a new card containing your preferred name at no charge.