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Your Purdue ID Card proclaims you as a member of the Purdue community and is your key to access essential campus services.

One card does it all. From on-campus dining to free bus rides to great discounts, your Purdue ID Card (also sometimes called your PUID or photo ID) gets you access to many special features of being a Boilermaker. Even better — once you unlock your Purdue ID Card’s potential with BoilerExpress eAccounts you have cash-free buying power for food, laundry and much more. It’s as easy as GET IT, LOAD IT, and USE IT!

1 - Get It

Get Your Card

All persons affiliated with the University as a student, faculty or staff (regular, temporary or affiliate) will be assigned a PUID number upon joining the University community.

It takes just a few minutes to get your Purdue ID Card. Visit the Purdue ID Card Office on the ground floor, room 14, of Hovde Hall to get your photo taken and your card created or you can submit your photo online and save time standing in line!

You will be required to show an official government-issued photo ID when you pick up your card such as a driver’s license, passport, military or state ID and provide your 10-digit PUID number.

Please do not puncture a hole in the ID Card.  The Purdue ID Card is a smart card that has a chip in it, a puncture will cause the deactivation of the card.

Who can get a Purdue ID Card?

Replacement ID Card

A $25 replacement fee will be charged if this card is lost, damaged or stolen, this includes puncturing a hole in the card.  We no longer carry temporary ID's.  You will be required to show a goverment issued photo ID to purchase a replacement ID.

Lost or stolen card?

Sign up for Boiler Express

Unlock the Purdue ID's potential with a BoilerExpress account — it'll give you cash-free buying power on campus. You can use it for food, laundry and much more.

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2 - Load It

Deposit $

Need more money on your BoilerExpress account? You can add funds to your account in person during normal business hours at the Purdue ID Card Office, or at one of the locations below:

or online via BoilerExpress eAccounts. Please note there is a $3.00 convenience fee per deposit when using the BoilerExpress eAccounts portal.

Through BoilerExpress eAccounts online, users can access information for BoilerExpress, check balances and review transaction history. Through BoilerExpress eAccounts, cardholders, parents or guests can also deposit funds directly to BoilerExpress via Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards.  We encourage you to verify your activity regularly.

Click here for help on making a guest deposit.

Add money to your card

   Credit cards accepted, visa, mastercard, and discover      

Use Your BoilerExpress AccountBoiler Express

Talk about easy buying power — once you activate your BoilerExpress account, you can use your Purdue ID Card to make all kinds of purchases at the following locations:


Residence Halls

All Residence Hall laundry facilities are BoilerExpress-enabled, with the exception of Hilltop Apartments and Purdue Village.

“My Purdue ID Card is very important, I use it all over campus, the co-rec, my residence hall, and dining courts, it really is my key to campus.”
– Adam V. Dean, Senior, Chemical Engineering

3 - Use It

Use Your Purdue ID Card

The power is in your hands with your official Purdue ID Card — it's your key (literally) to access many facilities and services on campus. There's even a discount program for faculty and staff.


Your Boiler Express debit account is a restricted spending account. It allows you to enjoy the convenience of purchasing power all across campus without carrying cash or checks.  Each time you use your Boiler Express debit account, the amount of your purchase will automatically be deducted from your account. Once you put the money into your account, the balance stays with you until you graduate, or terminate all affiliations with Purdue University.  BoilerExpress accounts will be deactivated once an account becomes inactive. BoilerExpress accounts are considered inactive if the account holder is not registered for one full semester (not including summer) and is still not registered at the beginning of the second semester, or if there is no activity on the account for one year.

 Sign up for Boiler Express
   Add money to your card

   Credit cards accepted, visa, mastercard, and discover      

About Us

Mailing Address:
610 Purdue Mall
Hovde Hall, Room 14
West Lafayette  IN  47907-2040

Campus Location:
Hovde Hall of Administration
Ground Floor, Room 14


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Mission Statement:

We bring value to the Purdue ID Card through a one-card solution involving academics, finance, access and identification for students, faculty and staff.  
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