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Graduate Student Fall and Spring Rates — 2022-23

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See the numbers for yourself — the charts below show graduate Purdue student tuition and fee information for the 2022-23 fall and spring semesters. Both flat-rate and per-credit-hour fee information are shown.

Flat Rate (8+ credit hours)

Flat-rate tuition and fee information for graduate students taking eight (8) or more credit hours.

Regular Fall/Spring per semester Effective Fall 20221,2
For students enrolled
General Service $ 4,859.00
Student Fitness and Wellness Fee 6 $ 117.00
Student Activity Fee 6 $ 20.00
Total Resident $ 4,996.00
Nonresident Tuition $ 9,401.00
Total Nonresident $ 14,397.00

Tuition Per Credit Hour

See below for per-credit-hour tuition and fee information for graduate students.

Regular Fall/Spring7 & Regular Summer Session, Proposed J-Term8- Part-Time Student
(1-7 Credit hours Fall/Spring)
(1-5 Credit hours/Summer)
(Credit hours exceeding 9/Summer)
Additional Differential Fees (if applicable)
Effective Fall 20221,2
For students enrolled
General Service $ 347.85
Student Fitness and Wellness Fee6 $ 0.00
Student Activity Fee6 $ 0.00
Total Resident $ 347.85
Nonresident Tuition $ 600.45
Total Nonresident $ 948.30