Procurement Services Auxiliary Services


Purdue University Procurement Services offers various options for purchasing goods and services, including:

  • Catalog Orders– Identifies available goods and services that can be ordered through and Ariba catalog. Ordering through an Ariba catalog is the fastest method and should be the first purchasing choice as 60% of the university purchases are supported by a catalog.

  • Non-Catalog Orders– Identifies available goods and services that can be ordered using Ariba’ non- catalog requisition process. These requisitions follow contract specific instructions or the competitive bid process.

  • Other Procurement Contracts–Identifies goods and services that are not requested through Ariba and provides information or links to the appropriate resources.

  • Competitive Bids –Outlines the process required for individuals to complete the competitive bid and quoting process. The delegation manual should be referenced for detailed requirements.

  • Special Purchases– Defines the steps required for approval to bypass the competitive bidding process.

  • After the Requisition - Highlights key task that must be performed to complete the purchasing and payment process

  • Resources - Reference materials for purchasing that are designed to assist you with business-related purchases