EOBOC Paying Invoices

Instructions for paying our bills inlcuding company invoices, personal payments and rush payments. These processes only apply to EOBOC supported departments.

Company Invoices

Invoices must go through your business manager for approval.  They will then send them on to us for processing.

Personal Payments

If you need to reimburse a non-Purdue employee please complete the Substitute W-9 form (link is below).  Make sure you fully complete all of the sections and have payee sign and also a department signature.  These will then also need to go to your business manager for approval.  They will send them to us for processing.

Payee Certification Form

Substitute W-9 Form

Employee Personal Reimbursement Form

Rush Payments

Must provide justification for rush payment on DIV and be signed by fiscal approver for Accounts Payable to process.