EOBOC Payroll Form

Use of the EOBOC Payroll Form

All Payroll activities should be completed by the EOBOC and facilitated by completing the EOBOC Payroll Form. The only exceptions are:

  • Hiring a benefits eligible position, the steps in Onboarding up to New Hire Data Collection.
  • Hiring a student or graduate position, the steps in Recruiting up to Offer.

After these steps are completed, the EOBOC Payroll Form should still be completed and sent to the EOBOC.  This will allow the team to reach out to the supervisor or employee to set up a time to complete the employer sections of the new hire.

  • For the exceptions mentioned above, please include the EOBOC team members on the requisition as part of the Initiator Team.  That way if any issues arise they can assist.
    • Monthly and Graduate Positions – Lori Allison & Jennifer Simpson
    • Bi-weekly Positions – Karen Barnard & Alyssa Cotten

*Some non-EOBOC employees have the ability to complete payroll tasks due to the need of other accesses associated with the role; however, they should not complete any payroll tasks. Doing so often results in errors and confusion when trying to correct those errors. Adhering to this will ultimately save everyone time.

Other Information

  • Please include offer letter when sending EOBOC Payroll Form (EPF) for Benefit Eligible employees (While it is in SF, it’s often not visible at the time the EOBOC needs to verify the information in the system with the letter)
  • Please include a Resignation Letter with EPF for Benefit Eligible employees.
  • Ensure that real names are used and not nicknames so that employee can be found in SuccessFactors.
Download the EOBOC Payroll Form