EOBOC Student Payroll

All employment decisions should be discussed with the department business manager.

Hiring Process

A student hiring form needs to be completed when a student has been hired by the department.  When completing the form make sure all areas that are highlighted are complete in sections A and B.  Once completed print and obtain the appropriate signatures for Supervisor and Department Head.  Send the document to EOBOC@purdue.edu.  Once received the operations center will complete the business office area and obtain appropriate approvals.  With supervisors request, the operations center will send an email to the student with directions for what they need to do for employment paperwork.

Student Hiring form

Student Hiring Rules for EOBOC

Helpful Tools When Hiring a Student Employee

Pay Actions (Separations and Changing Rate of Pay)

For actions such as separating or changing the rate of pay, please email payeo@purdue.edu with the following information:

  • Student’s full name
  • Effective date (last day of employment or start date of rate)
  • New rate of pay 

Timekeeping (Wage/Hour)

Timekeeping has three ways or recording time. 

  • Negative Time Entry:  Does not record time or submit timesheets unless recording time worked that is more than regular schedule indicates (i.e. overtime or call back)
  • Positive Time Entry:  Records hours worked each day and submits timesheet weekly
  • Webclock:  Records hours worked by clock in and out times. Employees clock in and out at a Kiosk or accessing webclock.purdue.edu on their mobile device or a computer.

Wage/Hour Procedures and Policies

Work Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a financial aid is offered to students who have demonstrated financial need as determined by their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  FWS employers include campus departments and approved off-campus non-profit agencies. Students are responsible for securing employment and working scheduled hours to earn FWS funds. You are automatically considered for FWS by filing a FAFSA each year. Students and supervisors can learn more through the Division of Financial Aid.