EOBOC Monthly Payroll

All employment decisions should be discussed with the department business manager.

Helpful Tools When Hiring a Monthly Employee

Leaves – Most commonly used leave policies:

Technology Allowance

The Electronic Device and Service Policy establishes technology allowance payments as the primary method for staff to use electronic devices and services. Payments offset the cost of personally owned electronic devices and service for documented business need.  Please consult with the departmental business manager before requesting an allowance. 

Electronic Devices and Services Policy (VII.A.3)

Technology Allowance Resources (including downloadable forms)

Moving Allowance

A moving allowance is a lump-sum, taxable payment to an employee. 

Policy on Moving Allowances for Faculty and Administrative/Professional Staff  

If the employee’s start date is less than 30 days away (regardless of whether or not the person has been set up in payroll):
*ADPAY form (prepared by Payroll in the Operations Center)
*Attach approved offer letter

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please remember a moving allowance is not allowed to be paid off-cycle.  If a more immediate payment is needed than regular payroll processing would provide, you can process the allowance on a DIV.  However, please only do this when absolutely necessary.

If the employee’s start date is more than 30 days in the future:
*Complete moving allowance DIV (prepared by Operations Center Procurement team)
*Attach approved offer letter

Refer new employees to the Purchasing website for moving quotes from various moving companies.

Prospective Employee Travel Processes and Forms

Prospective Employees visiting campus to interview for a position may be reimbursed for some of the trip’s associated expenses. Prior approval to reimburse these expenses is obtained by processing a Form 17C, Request for Approval for Reimbursement of Expenses for Prospective Employee Interview Trips. Information about form completion as well as the actual form in a downloadable format can be found on the Human Resources Prospective Employees page.

Summer Payroll

After discussion with the departmental business manager, Academic-year staff will be asked to complete a summer pay calendar by marking the days they will be working and return it to the operations center in a timely manner. The Summer Calendar can be found on the Human Resources Summer Payroll page under Resources (left side of page).

Summer Calendars