Inquiry into the Property Accounting System

The Property Accounting system contains records of capital equipment, owned, or held for use, by Purdue University. The system is updated daily as new capital equipment is acquired, moved or disposed of. Records of capital equipment are retained in the system even after disposal. If the capital level ($) is raised, all records of equipment that fall below the capital threshold are removed from the system.

On July 1 of 2000, the capital equipment threshold was raised to $ 5,000; all records with an acquisition cost of less than $ 5,000 were removed from the system.



  • A = Active
  • W = Warehouse
  • D = Disposed. (Only in the Inventory Options Screen

Once in the Item Inquiry Screen, a Status of Disposed will actually show one of the following:

  • = Disposal of Indiana university property (IUPUFW only)
  • = Sold
  • = Cannibalized
  • = Stolen
  • = Transfer, non university property
  • = Transfer, university property
  • = Physical inventory write off

STAND ALONE: The item has no internal parts that are inventoried as individual assets.

PARENT: The equipment has internal parts that are inventoried as individual assets.

BETTERMENT: Inventory numbers starting with a 09 are internal items to other equipment.

DOC#: Invoice Voucher # or other type.

MARKET VALUE: The market value of the equipment at the time of purchase.

ACQ:    The acquisition code is an indicator of how the equipment was acquired.

  • G = Gifts
  • = Loans
  • = Purchases
  • = Leases
  • = Transferred to the University
  • = Unknown origin or source of funding

TITLE:  The title indicates who owns the equipment.

  • = Purdue
  • = U.S. Government
  • = State
  • = I. U. (at Ft. Wayne campus)
  • = Loaned or Leased equipment, Industrial Sponsor

The data relating to inventoried equipment is shown in groups. Under ACQUISITION INFORMATION, we will find data relating to the acquisition of the equipment. Purchase Order, Document, Acquisition date and fair Market Value at the time of purchase, are all found here.

To check the source of funding, we press the PF5 key and information such as Account Number(s) and the amount of money paid on each, is displayed.

OFF CAMPUS INFORMATION, will have the data keyed from a Property Accounting form 12 processed for the equipment.

Fields left blank are not relevant to the equipment we are inquiring on.