1. Written approval in obtaining the role from Kathy Thomason and Kristi Mickle.
  2. Completion of Training (Attended a session on campus or remotely)
If Training has not been completed, schedule a one on one training session with Beth Freeman and/or Sandra Atwood to meet this requirement.

 For more training resources visit the Finance Training webpage.

ZV60 entry

  • Make sure to include “C” in the payment method field and “01” in the payment method supplement field on your ZV60 to hold a check for pickup.
  • Also please key the contact name and phone number in the Header text section of the details tab of your ZV60 to ensure the Bursar knows who to contact when the check is ready for pickup.

Held Check Pickup

Held checks will be located at the Bursar's Office, Room 5, in Hovde. 

Contact with questions.