Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365

Student Organization Purchasing Cards


  • BOSO has check out purchasing cards available in their office to assist with purchases
  • To utilize card, you will need sufficient funds in your account to cover the anticipated expenses. This is not a “line of credit”
  • You must email to request use of a purchasing card. You will receive directions and the purchasing card documentation in response to the email. A card can only be “checked out” for in store purchases-not online purchases.
  • Online purchases must be made in the BOSO office. An appointment is required for online purchases. An appointment can be made by emailing


Things to remember:

  • When returning the card, the wallet should contain all the documents that it contained at the time of checkout. In addition, an itemized receipt must be included or receipt must be sent to 
  • Please remember that Purdue is a tax exempt organization and sales tax cannot be charged, except for purchases of catered food and/or prepared food, such as restaurant meals. A copy of Purdue’s tax ID number is printed in the top left corner of your pcard. In addition, a copy of Purdue’s sales tax exempt form is in your pcard wallet. If a purchase is made that incorrectly contains sales tax, the purchaser will be responsible for correcting the error.
  • Purdue University is a Coca-Cola campus. Beverages (soda, water, juice, etc.) purchased with student organization raised funds only are exempt, and you can purchase any beverages your organization prefers. If the purchase is funded by university funds (such as student fees and grants), Coca-Cola products must be purchased.


  • Prohibited Uses of the Card
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Gift Cards
    • Furniture
    • Controlled substances/items
    • Firearms and Ammunition
    • Personal or non-business purchases
    • Copiers, printers, scanners, faxes, multi-function (MFP) devices
    • Toner
    • Cylinder gases
    • Airfare and registration fees (BOSO staff have cards to assist with these purchases) 
    • Lodging (BOSO staff have cards to assist with these purchases)
    • Car rental
    • Fuel
    • Automatic charges for renewal of prior purchases (ie. memberships, subscriptions, etc)