Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365

Important Items for Clubs to know:

  • - BOSO Website and Procedure Manual
  • Cool website link 
  • If unable to login into COOL System go to TOOLS then Compatibility View Settings and then Add to your computers Tools. You need to have Boilerlink registration updated and have current officers on file with the BOSO office.
  • If you do not have a current registration submitted in BoilerLink and approved by the Student Activity Office your club officers will not have access to COOL.
  • NO gift cards or gift certificates may be purchased or reimbursed with club funds.
  • NO club funds may be used to purchase or reimburse for alcohol, tobacco or related products/ services.
  • Payments/Reimbursements: Be sure to choose the correct account in COOL when submitting a payment request. EX: If expense is a SOGA funded/approved expense use your SOGA account. Clubs may have multiple accounts; General, SOGA, OEG, Scholarship, Charity, etc.
  • All receipts and/ or invoices need to be itemized (listing in detail what was purchased with club funds) before BOSO may reimburse payees. Receipts and/ or Invoices must be legible.
  • Merchandise with Purdue logos or trademarks must be purchased from licensed vendors, see Marketing & Media website
  • Officers can check and see if a check is processed by reviewing COOL account. If there is a document number by payment, the check has been processed. The document number is the check number.
  • All deposits are made at BOSO, Krach, room 365.
  • Activity Forms must be submitted on Boilerlink TWO WEEKS prior to the date of the event/travel. Large Scale events may require additional time.
  • Students DO NOT sign any contracts on behalf of their organization and Purdue University. If your event involves contracting for an event BOSO will review and execute contracts on behalf of the organization and Purdue University. A "contract worksheet" will need to be completed and submitted to BOSO for all speakers, artists, entertainers, etc.
  • If artist or speaker, etc has their own contract this must be submitted to BOSO for review and approval
  • Any venue rental agreement/contract must also be submitted to BOSO for review and approval.
  • Traveling on behalf of a student organization requires an Activity Planning Form to be submitted. All drivers must be RMO1 approved. The RMO1S form is found on the Risk Management website.  Two RMO1 approved drivers per vehicle is required. If requesting a van, drivers must be 21 years of age and complete a Van Certification. The Van Certification link is on the Risk Management Website.