Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365

COOL Payment Processing

  1. Log into your MyPurdue Portal
  2. Click on “Life@Purdue” then Go to the “Student Services” Area
  3. Next Click on “BOSO/COOL Online” Link
  4. Choose Organization Name and Account
  5. Click on the “BANKING BUTTON” on the left hand side in the middle of the screen.
  6. Click “Payment in Process” Tab – Choose “Add A Payment” Icon.
  7. Check “Transfer to Student Organization” only if making a Transfer/payment to another club.
  8. Only create one check request per payee. You can add up to 9 line items on check request and attach as many receipts as needed. 
  9. Search “PAYEE” from your clubs existing list of payees and select from drop down list, if not found then Choose “Add Payee”.
  10. Type name of “Payee” in the box and click the “CHECK PAYEE” Button.  If the payee shows up in the existing Payee List select the Payee and click the Yellow “Select Existing Payee” Box.  If this is not the payee you want then click the Yellow “Request New Payee” Box fill in name and address etc.  Click Continue and Click Save. 
  11. Mark the “HOLD for Pick Up” if you want to pick the check up in the BOSO Office (quickest way to get your check).  Next, fill in all blanks on the payment screen with information relating to this payment.
  12. Type on the “Check Memo” Line what you want printed on the bottom of the check.
  13. Click “Add Icon” can be used to add multiple lines to payment if needed.
  14.  Click Continue
  15.  Next attach invoice or receipts for this payment.  
  16.  Click on “Attached documents” Tab or “Unattached Documents” Tab to add the invoice or receipts to the payment; etc. to the payment. Files must be pdf or jpeg. Pdf max file size is 6Mbytes and jpeg max file size is 5Mbyte.
  17. Choose “Add” Icon browse computer for documents. Click Save.
  18. Next under “Attach documents” Tab put check mark next to documents, Check mark on Save Box. Click Save.
  19.  Save Payment & Click Okay.
  20.  If you are the individual being reimbursed, another officer is required to go approve the payment before BOSO can approve.

Steps to Approve a Payment in COOL

  1. Log into your MyPurdue Portal
  2. Resource Tab
  3. BOSO/COOL Online link under Student Services
  4. Choose Organization Name
  5. Click on the BANKING BUTTON on the left hand side in the middle of the screen.
  6. Under the PAYMENTS IN PROCESS tab find the payment you want to approve.
  7. Next Click on the Icon with a circle with a Red Checkmark in it next to the payment.  Then at the bottom of the page will be the APPROVE Button or REJECT Button.