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Payment for Travel Expenses

An Activity Form must be approved prior to the payment of travel expenses.  Extended stay and International Travel will require additional approval time by SAO.

1.  Prepayment by the Organization – via Check from Club Account:

Payment can be made by a Student Organization check without involving individual member funds by using the following procedures.  The following supporting documentation should be scanned and submitted with the payment request through COOL for processing.

Obtain an itemized bill/invoice from a travel agency showing the total cost for a ticket to and from the destination.

a)  Obtain a “confirmation” from the hotel/motel showing the number of nights, number of rooms and applicable taxes due for a total cost of the reservation.  The hotel business office will fax or email a confirmation out if requested. 

b)  A check will be issued as a “Check Advance” payable to the hotel.  Upon leaving the hotel you will need to go to the front desk to check out and obtain an itemized hotel receipt that reflects the detailed charges and the payment received. 

c)  An individual may receive expense subsistence based on the approved Federal and University rates as shown on the website The club may pay up to the maximum allowable amount or less than the amount shown.  (Individuals may not receive both subsistence and reimbursement for actual receipts.)

d)  Conference Registration may be paid using a copy of the registration form indicating the amount per member.  The names of members should appear on the approved Activity/Travel Form.

2.  Prepayment by the Organization via BOSO Credit Card:

BOSO credit card payment may be processed directly to the Payee for the following types of travel related expenses.

a)  Hotel/Motel – see 1A above for required documentation; In addition you will need to have a list of attendees.

b)  Registration fees

c)  Transportation i.e. flights, trains, bus (all chauffer driven vehicles).  The BOSO credit card may not be used for the rental of personally driven vehicles.

An appointment needs to be scheduled with the BOSO Admin staff to process these payments.  The organization must have the full amount available at the time of credit card purchases and have all the information ready upon arrival at BOSO. All expenses must be approved by president or treasurer before BOSO will process payment via BOSO credit card. 

3.  Payment by the Organization to an Individual:

The organization needs to understand there is a risk with prepayment of expenses because of the changing status with individual students involved in the trip.  The organization must be willing to accept this responsibility if reimbursement or pre-payment of travel expenses is desired. 

Any recovery of funds from individual students for prepaid expenses is the total responsibility of the student organization officers.  The student records may not be encumbered.

Reimbursement for travel expenses is recommended to be processed upon conclusion of a trip.  In instances where reimbursement or payment is requested prior to the trip, the reimbursement or payment is generally limited to airfare, train, and registration costs.  If an individual has made payment(s) by credit card for transportation (i.e. airline or train) or registration fees and wishes to be reimbursed prior to the trip, the following original documentation is required. 

a)  Airfare/Train – E-tickets detailing the names of the passengers, payee, dates of travel and amount charged.  Each online site is different; therefore this information may be on more than one page.  You will need to submit all the pages necessary to include all of the above information.

When a “non-refundable” ticket is purchased, then the trip is cancelled by the organization or traveler, flight is missed by the traveler, or the ticket is unused for any other reason, the unused ticket will have no value toward the purchase of another ticket after the departure date and time on the ticket.  However, the ticket may be exchanged on or before the departure date and time of each ticketed flight segment.  Generally the exchange fee is $100 which may be reimbursable with proper documentation and approval of the organization.

b)  Online Registration – A “Confirmation/paid receipt/e-payment” received from the conference or agency detailing the name of the payee, attendee’s name, dates of conference and the fee charged.  Each online site is different; therefore this information may be on more than one page.  You will need to submit all the pages necessary to include all of the above information.

The following travel expenses can only be reimbursed after the travel has been completed. 

c)  Parking/Tolls/Food/Gasoline – Itemized receipts required. 

d)  Mileage Allowance – An individual member may use his private vehicle and be paid up to the maximum allowed by Purdue University per mile.  See the following website for the rate Mileage to most common destinations is set by the University.  (Individuals may not be paid for both mileage and actual gas receipts.  Approval for mileage or actual gas receipts is noted on the TPF prior to the trip.)  Attach a copy of Map Quest to the check request to validate miles traveled.

e)  Students without an approved MVR may NOT receive financial reimbursement.