Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365


The mission of the Business Office for Student Organizations is to provide financial services to all recognized student organizations by:

A.     Financial Services for Recognized Student Organizations:

  1. Establish Financial Controls and Best Practices
  2. Transaction Audits
  3. Reconciliation of Funds
  4. Contractual Review (Fiscal and Risk Oriented)
  5. Applicability: Compliance with University Regulations & Policies, Process Transactions

The Business Office for Student Organizations should be contacted concerning Purdue University Policies and Procedures as they relate to student organization financial processes.

The Student Activities and Organizations Office, should be contacted when planning events and activities. Questions pertaining to University policies on fundraising, soliciting, advertising support, charitable activities, and other programming questions should be directed to the Student Activities and Organizations Office, Room 378, Krach Leadership Center or call 765-494-1231.

Social events and activities that invite guests or bring equipment to campus (both may require contracts); or pose a risk to the students or University must be registered in advance on an Activity Form through SAO BoilerLink system.

The Activity Form must be submitted online through the SAO BoilerLink system for approval at least two weeks prior to the event or activity.  Larger activities such as concerts, athletic competitions, roundtables, etc. may need in excess of four weeks for approvals.  The additional time is needed for the various other departments and/or the Campus Safety Committee to review the activity. Contract development or review of submitted contracts will also need time to review and obtain BOSO’s signature approval.  See

TRAVEL sponsored by student organizations must be scheduled on an Activity Form on “BoilerLink” website.  See .   The Activity Form provides a detailed description of the travel planned by a student organization as well as estimated financial details of the trip.  The Activity Form must be completed at least two weeks prior to the travel date, per SAO.

Vehicle drivers must be approved by Risk Management. Student drivers must complete an RMO1S online form. Drivers must meet the requirements as noted on the Risk Management site.  Van Drivers must also complete the Van Certification online as well.  See website:

Chauffer driven transportation such as busses, limousines, etc. will be outside of the University Transportation Department. Student organizations can obtain quotes from outside companies-Lafayette Limo, Imperial Travel, etc. Quotes must be uploaded in activity form or submitted to BOSO for final signature and fiscal approval. Students do not sign agreements.

Part 7 — Regulations and Procedures for Recognized Student Organizations

Section VII — Financial Arrangements

B. Financial Responsibility of Student Organization Officers
A student who through neglect or dishonesty fails in his/her duties as an officer of any student organization:

  1. To collect amounts due, or to pay the organization’s debts legally incurred by him/her; or
  2. To account for cash received and expended by him/her; or
  3. To account for other property entrusted to him/her as an officer of a student organization, shall be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students for appropriate action.