Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365

Insurance (Liability, Medical, Auto)


Purdue University carries a liability policy covering the activities of student organizations under the direct management of the University and whose finances are under the supervision of the Business Office for Student Organizations.

The policy affords protection to University sponsored student organizations (including their officers and members) while acting within the scope of their duties.  Excluded from coverage is any organization not under the direct financial management of the University, any organization whose hazardous activities mandate the purchase of special liability insurance, and activities involving the ownership, maintenance, operation or use of any aircraft.

For some functions and activities, student organizations will be required to submit evidence of a liability insurance policy or obtain special insurance for the event.


Individuals and student organization members involved in student organization activities are responsible for maintaining their own medical insurance coverage.

Risk Management offers a special medical/accident insurance policy that provides $15,000 of emergency medical and accident coverage that can be purchased for camps, conferences, or field trips.  The cost of this insurance is typically less than $0.50 per day/per participant, and the cost for the coverage is billed to the student organization.  Information about this insurance and forms to request coverage can be found under  STUDENT, FACULTY, AND STAFF SPECIALTY COVERAGES here (


Securing a vehicle through the University’s Transportation Service for Student Organization approved travel is always the best choice.  Insurance coverage on the vehicle is included in the cost of the rental.  When renting a vehicle from an outside rental agency, no insurance coverage is provided by the University.  If you rent a vehicle from an outside rental agency, you should purchase liability and physical damage coverage on the rented vehicle from the rental agency.  This will help limit your personal liability in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle. The expense of purchasing the additional insurance is a reimbursable expense.

You should also note that if you are towing any trailer (even a University-owned trailer), the liability insurance on the trailer comes from the towing vehicle.  This is even if the vehicle being used to tow is a rental vehicle or your own personal vehicle.