Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365

Gift Policy

University Regulations state: “Use of University facilities in any manner that results in financial gain, either directly or indirectly, to individuals or non-University organizations or groups is prohibited.” Based on this regulation, student organization funds may not be transferred as gifts, charitable contributions, or donations to an individual or donations to groups or organizations whose funds are managed outside the control of Purdue University.   

Exceptions to Gift Policy

Funds are generated by student organizations from a varied source of activities such as membership dues, activities on campus, activities off campus, donations from individuals, and donations from outside agencies and companies.  All funds are collected by the student organization to provide the means to conduct the activities of the club.  Funds that are held by a recognized student organization may be expended as approved by the general membership of the organization, provided that the purpose of the expenditure is not in conflict with University regulations and other policy statements of the University. 

Gifts in Recognition or Appreciation

A student organization often wishes to give a token gift of appreciation to an individual that has provided service or assistance to the club. Organizations may use any funds that have been collected by the organization for this purpose.  Gifts would be of a tangible nature. 

A maximum dollar limit of $100.00 per item, maximum $100.00 per person, per year, is the allowable total value of the gift.

Cash, cash equivalent, or gift certificates cannot be given as gifts.

Charitable contributions   

A student organization often wishes to give a donation to organizations or groups outside the University who are recognized by the IRS as 501-c-3 non-profit agencies.  Student organizations may use any funds that have been collected by the organization up to $100.00 provided those funds have not been otherwise restricted by third parties.

If the organization wishes to give more than $100.00, the following fund sources are allowable:

Membership dues,

  • funds that have been contributed by club members for that specific purpose,
  • funds raised through events conducted under the University Charity Policy (see Regulations Regarding Retailing, Commercial Soliciting, Canvassing, Sponsorship and Marketing Activities on the Campuses of Purdue University).