Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365

Deposit of Funds

The Student Organization Deposit Slip should be completed so that all sources of income are identified and coded with the proper Income Codes. Record separate line items for separate income codes.  Additional information required on the deposit slip would include:

  1. The Student Organization Account Number as well as the Organization Name. (Please do not use acronyms.)
  2. Individual’s name that prepared the deposit slip and date.
  3. Income Codes.
  4. Clear information as to source and description of funds being deposited.

Clear information includes from whom you received the funds, check number and specific purpose of funds

If membership dues are collected, a Record of Dues Collected should be completed.

If a Record of Dues Collected is used the deposit number should be recorded on the form.  BOSO may contact the organization for backup documentation of funds deposited.

Donations:  All checks received as donations from an individual or business need to be copied and submitted to BOSO to be forwarded to the University Development Office for tax credit and acknowledgement by Purdue University.

Gift-in-Kind donations to the organization also need to be acknowledged on the President’s Office Form No. 41B. The form can be located on the following page:   the organization officers will provide the details of the items donated to the organization on the form from individual donors. A detailed invoice from a vendor/donor should be attached which includes the value of the item(s). BOSO will submit the signed form to the University Development Office for acknowledgement to the donor.

An officer should sign bottom of form to acknowledge they have received the goods prior to submitting forms to BOSO for processing.

Please contact BOSO if you have any questions about donations.