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Business Office for Student Organizations

The Business Office for Student Organizations has the responsibility for exercising financial responsibility over all student organizations who must maintain accounts with that office.

Click here for Regulations and Procedures for Recognized Student Organizations

All student organizations, except student housing organizations not under the direct management of Purdue University, are required to handle their Student Organizations - Financial Arrangements through the Business Office for Student Organizations.

General financial procedures, including receiving and dispersing of funds are to be made in accordance with policies and procedures as prescribed by the Business Office for Student Organizations.

All contracts are to be approved in advance by the Business Office for Student Organizations.

Use of University Vehicles Policy is located on the Risk Management website. The RM01S and General Release forms are also located on the website. Questions regarding the policy may be directed to Dann Van Hoosier, Risk Analyst, djvanhoosier@purdue.edu or 765-494-1690.

The exact fee charged to the student organization is based upon the state in which the MVR is checked. BOSO requires a minimum of five (5) days in advance of the travel to process the RM01. All students whether undergrad and graduate students must submit RM01's for approval.

University vehicles are primarily for the use of departments, faculty and staff. Their use is provided as an exception to student organizations based on an educational or business need. Two approved student drivers are required per University vehicle requested.

IRS E-card or other tax return requests for your student organization should be directed to BOSO.

It is the responsibility of the president and treasurer to review the Financial Procedures manual to be familiar with the policies and procedures for your organization.

BOSO presents information in the SAO mandated workshops.

The BOSO staff is available to answer any questions you may have about events; finances; policies and procedures, etc. either in person, through email or by phone.

Office Address:
Purdue University
Krach Leadership Center (KRCH)
1198 Third Street, Room 365 
West Lafayette IN 47906

Office Hours (est):
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Phone:  765-494-6724
Fax:  765-496-2208