Employees must submit electronic copies of original receipts in Concur. Failure to submit electronic receipts could result in non-reimbursement of expenses.

In order for a business expense to be approved and reimbursed, it must be properly substantiated. Original receipts for all expenditures greater than or equal to $75 are required. Receipts for expenditures less than $75 should not be submitted, except as noted in the below chart. If sponsor requirements are more restrictive, the more restrictive receipt requirement will take precedence. If a required receipt has been lost, a Certification for Missing Receipt form (PDF) must be submitted. 


Required Documentation

Air transportation Airline detail itinerary and/or e-receipt
Conference or Training

Itemized receipt indicating the conference registration amount and any items included in the fee

Hospitality Expenses

Detail documentation is required for any dollar amount


An itemized receipt is always required

Third-Party Paid/No-Cost Trip Provide documentation stating how the travel expenses will be covered
Vehicle Rental Receipt is only needed when amount is $75 and greater
Ground Transportation Only required if exceeds $75 receipt requirement or personal travel is involved