Travel Regulations


Purdue’s Travel Regulations, in support of Executive Memorandum B-33, govern booking and reimbursement related to business travel and expenses and are available to help travelers manage the process.

All regulations apply to faculty, staff and graduate students employed by the University who are traveling on University-related business.

The core principles of travel and expense regulations are:

  • Employees are encouraged to book travel through Concur.
  • Expenses must be submitted through Concur.
  • Expenses must have a clear business purpose and be directly related to the goals of the University.
  • Expenses must be reasonable and appropriate for the circumstances.
  • Expenses must be fully documented and submitted for required approvals.
  • Expense incurred for business purpose must not be driven by personal enrichment (e.g. monetarily, loyalty points) either in appearance or in fact.
  • Expenditures must comply with all applicable laws and university policies.

The regulations promote traveler safety, good stewardship of University resources and a streamlined system for booking travel arrangements and reporting expenses.

Adhering to the regulations will help ensure travelers are paid/reimbursed in a timely manner and at full value.

Regulations by Topic

Updated June 2019

The University will reimburse employees for reasonable and necessary out-of-pocket, business expenses incurred in direct connection with university business and in accordance with these regulations. Employees must exercise good judgment that supports the University’s objectives, and submit expenses through the channels and within the timelines outlined below.

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