Expense Report Responsibilities by Area

The travel and expense reimbursement process requires action from Purdue Travel, travelers/delegates and business offices. Responsibilities for each group are outlined below.

Additional information is available in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for expense report centralization.

Purdue Travel Responsibilities

Purdue Travel is responsible for working with the traveler, delegate and business office for the entire travel reimbursement process, including the following steps:

  • Create expense report
  • Monitor and be responsible for an unallocated transaction report
  • Notify the traveler when receipts have not been provided electronically within two weeks of travel completion
  • Continue to follow up with traveler until travel expenses have been submitted

Traveler/Delegate Responsibilities

The traveler or their delegate is responsible for providing all required information and travel receipts to Purdue Travel within 10 days after the traveler’s return date.

Upon returning from business travel, the traveler or their delegate must submit expenses for reimbursement following the steps below:

  • If travel was booked in Concur, Purdue Travel will reach out to the traveler one week after the trip ends to start the travel expense reimbursement process.
  • If Concur or the University's travel agency was not utilized to book, upon returning from business travel, the traveler or their delegate must submit expense report information and receipts.
The traveler will receive an email from Purdue Travel when the expense report is ready for their review and submission through Concur.
  • The traveler is responsible for reviewing and approving the travel expense report within two days of receiving notification
  • The traveler will review the expense report in Concur
  • If modifications are necessary, the traveler or their delegate should work with Purdue Travel to edit the expense report
  • If the traveler approves, either as is or with edits from Purdue Travel, then the traveler will submit the expense report in Concur
  • Once approved, the fiscal review by the business office will begin 

Business Office Responsibilities

Business offices are responsible for ensuring funds are available and charges are allowable/allocable to the account.

Since Purdue Travel is building the expense report, all expenses in the report must be related to travel and within travel regulations.

Business offices should approve an expense report within one day of it being submitted through Concur:

  • Once the expense report is submitted by the traveler in Concur, the Concur system will generate a workflow and send an email notification to the proper business office contact
  • The business office reviews the account assignment for availability of funds and proper account use
  • Once approved by the business office, the expense report will be posted in SAP
  • The traveler will then have their reimbursements within 24-48 business hours
  • If edits need to be made, business offices can update the account and approve it to move forward