Payment to the traveler will be made after completion of trip, based on documented, reasonable and actual business travel expenses supported by original, itemized receipts. Reimbursement is not allowed for items provided free of charge, such as airline travel vouchers/certificates, frequent flyer miles, loyalty award programs for air, hotel, car, etc. The University processes the reimbursement via direct deposit after the approval of the submitted expense report.

To ensure expenditures are correctly reported, all travelers are required to submit a travel expense report within 60 days after returning from a trip. This report is used to total all expenses incurred for the trip, deduct any amounts for pre-paid expenses and travel cash advances, and determine if a reimbursement is owed to the traveler or if the traveler needs to return unused cash advance funds. Expense reports not cleared within 120 days are reported as additional wages to the employee. The University follows the IRS accountable plan rule on submitting and reimbursement of expenses found in IRS publication 463.