National and Enterprise Rental Cars

Big Ten travel managers have negotiated special rates for travelers National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Do NOT take insurance if renting a car in the United States as the Purdue contract with National/Enterprise already includes insurance for business rentals. Please review the policies and resources on the Purdue Risk Management website for questions about renting a vehicle, including insurance.

National or Enterprise Car Rental

Reserve with National or Enterprise and take advantage of the Purdue/Big Ten agreement price. Plus, find coupons for class upgrade (economy to intermediate/midsize) or $15 off weekly rental.

  • To reserve a vehicle with National or Enterprise for business travel, book through Concur where the contract code will automatically be applied. 

  • To reserve a vehicle with Enterprise/National for personal travel, enter either the student or faculty/staff code based on your designation. These codes are only valid when booking arrangements directly through these providers' websites and not a third-party. 

    • Student code: 08BIG10

    • Faculty/staff code: XZ78806

  • Helpful Hints:

    • Always check vehicle before driving it off the rental lot

    • Write down any dents or scratches and take it to the attendant

      • Look for any damage to the vehicle, missing hubcaps, etc., and be sure the agent notes this in writing on all copies of the rental agreement

Graduate Students

Graduate students who wish to rent a car for University business must provide a letter on University stationery that explains the need of the car is related to business. It must be signed by the graduate student's supervisor.