Other Allowable Expenses

The following is a list of expenses that are reimbursable if they are part of travel expenses related to University business:

  • Baggage Charges
    • Charges for checking baggage
    • Tips for those handling luggage, such as taxi, shuttle or courtesy transportation drivers or hotel staff
    • Transportation charges for authorized excess baggage when carrying equipment necessary to complete official business
    • Necessary charges (including tips) for storage when such materials are a result official business
    • Sending baggage, samples, display materials, and/or supplies to official business location and back to official station
  • Use of computers, printers, fax machines, and scanners when necessary to complete official business mission
  • Fees for the use of conference/meeting rooms and equipment when necessary to complete official business mission
  • Official telephone calls/service, e.g. faxes
  • Sales tax on out-of-state business related purchases will be reimbursed
  • Tips for taxi, shuttle and courtesy transportation drivers
  • Laundry, cleaning and pressing of clothing only when the traveler spends a minimum of four consecutive nights on official University business
  • Energy surcharge and lodging fe3es when such fees are not optional
  • Emergency purchases of materials or services (e.g. batteries, photocopies) when necessary to complete official business mission
  • E-Z Pass (or similar toll road programs in other states) in rental cars
  • TSA PreCheck and Global Entry fees are allowable for travelers who fly three or more times per year
  • Sales tax on purchases made in Indiana can be reimbursed, but a good faith effort must be made to use the Form ST-105 Indiana Department of Revenue General Sales Tax Exemption Certificate (PDF) and/or a Purdue purchasing card (P-card)

Registrations & Memberships

  • Registration fees for attendance at professional meetings/conferences may be reimbursed upon submission of an itemized receipt. If receipts are not provided by the conference/workshop, it is the traveler's responsibility to obtain an acceptable proof of the claim for reimbursement such as proof of payment (credit card receipt) and a supporting document indicating the conference registration amount and any items included in the fee.
    • Meals provided as a part of the registration fee must be deducted from Fixed Meal Allowance (per diem) on the expense report.
    • Books, publications, CDs, etc. from conferences are reimbursable but then become property of the department. A comment must be added to the line item.
  • Individual membership dues are allowable expenses if there is a business purpose and the amount of the dues does not exceed $500.00. Payment for membership dues through Concur must be accompanied by a registration fee on the expense report.
    • Payment of membership dues ONLY should not be paid via the Travel card.
    • Costs of memberships are typically not allowable as direct costs to sponsored projects.
  • Expenses subject to documentation requirements.