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Did you know that Amelia Earhart started one of the first celebrity clothing lines? 

Almost 100 years before influencer endorsements became ingrained in our culture, Earhart designed Amelia Earhart Fashions. Leveraging her star status as the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, she took an entrepreneurial approach to help fund future flights. 

The Amelia Earhart Fashions line was made with the women who would wear the designs in mind — active, ambitious trailblazers making a name for themselves in communities across the country. Women who needed polished and practical wardrobes. 

Featuring 25 outfits that debuted at @macys in New York, Earhart’s collection prioritized washable, wrinkle-free fabrics and incorporated nods to aviation. Parachute cords for belts and wing bolts for buttons were both included. 

Earhart talked about Amelia Earhart Fashions in a New York World Telegram article published Dec. 29, 1933. “I have always believed that clothes are terribly important in every woman’s life. And I also believe that there is much of beauty in aviation — color and line that is exclusive to the air, which I have attempted to express in sports clothes.” 

Images courtesy of @purduearchives
Did you know that Purdue University in Indianapolis has the only ABET accredited undergraduate motorsports engineering program in the country? 🏁 

It’s one of the many reasons Reed England decided to become a #Boilermaker. #PurdueIndianapolis 

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#Boilermaker ➡️ winemaker. 

Erik Miller, owner of @kokomowinery and @breakingbreadwinery in Sonoma County, California, shares his entrepreneurial journey from @techpurdue student to harvest intern to winery founder on #ThisIsPurdue. 

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Campus has had some fresh new banners installed — just in time for spring in West Lafayette. 🌼🚂 

Which new banner is your favorite?
Seniors, your time on campus may come to a close, but you are Boilermakers forever. 🖤💛
“The uniqueness of the opportunity — I just couldn’t pass it up.” Join Gabriel Skowronek (BS @purduephysastro ’24) and 13 other Boilermaker analog astronauts on their winter break mission to the Mars Desert Research Station. 

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